Here’s another great piece by our SB Intern Krista Walker, who had the oppressive job of trying out local craft beers for this story. I hope she can forgive me for the assignment.


Louisville is a city blessed with beer connoisseurs and brewers who really know how to quench your thirst when it comes to their own “hoppy” concoctions. Here is a list of four tasty Louisville craft beers that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home and in the company of your friends and family.

Bluegrass Brewing Company (BBC) Amber Ale

Everyone loves BBC and their oh-so-quotable motto, “Beer is Food.” Of course, what people love more is their Amber Ale. Brewed with wheat, caramel, Munich, chocolate malts and traditional spicy German hops, this light and sweet beer is a personal favorite of mine. It is available in grocery stores and liquor stores all over Louisville. In addition, don’t miss their three taprooms located in St. Matthews, Downtown and Theater Square.

Local Craft Beer You Can Drink at Home

BBC Amber Ale

Falls City Beer Hipster Repellant IPA

Falls City has quite the rich history here in Louisville, and an even richer taste. Luckily, you won’t have to enjoy this beer just from home much longer as they are opening their first brew system in Louisville. Their Barret Avenue location will have a 7-barrel system, used as a tasting room and for keg sales. The brewery is in its final stages and should be opening its doors soon.

Now for the beer — not only does this Falls City Hipster Repellant IPA have an awesome box and bottle, but an equally awesome flavor. Enjoy the crisp days of fall with this piney and citrusy hop taste complemented with a caramel toffee malt base and fruity esters. Trust me, it’s as delicious as it sounds, and FYI Falls City — this beer is still cool.

For a list of stores and restaurants that serve Falls City, click here . For a list of where to buy it to go, click here.

Local Craft Beer You Can Drink at Home

Falls City Hipster Repellant IPA


Striving for a rebirth of the former American classic taste, Sterling certainly does not disappoint. Created using similar ingredients and brewing techniques as those from European immigrants migrating to America, this pilsner beer’s fresh, light and crisp taste certainly holds true to its motto “Pure Ingredients, Pure Beer, Pure Sterling.” Give this American Classic a taste and have no fear: the directions for proper opening and drinking are on the side!
For a list of stores and restaurants that serve Sterling Beer, click here.

Local Craft Beer You Can Drink at Home

Sterling Beer

Great Flood Brewing

Great Flood Brewing is a rather new brewery in the Louisville area, and a very successful one at that. Along with their own taproom in the Upper Highlands area, you can pick up a growler with their special draft beer at local party stores. I chose their watermelon craft beer in honor of summer’s end. Delightful and delicious, this light watermelon beer paired well with dinner and drinks all around and made me wish we were just at the end of May.

You can purchase their growlers at several local party stores or visit their taphouse, 2120 Bardstown Rd. (near Douglass Loop), whenever you’re craving some of Louisville’s own.

Local Craft Beer You Can Drink at Home

Great Flood Brewing Company Growler

For a complete list of our very own Louisville craft breweries, visit Make sure to pick up one of these four Louisville beers for your next get together or dinner!