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With Mother’s Day on Sunday, we have Mom on the mind. From the special memories and traditions we remember from our childhood to the treasured advice we still receive in adulthood, mothers — whether in blood or in action — play an irreplaceable role in all of our lives. To celebrate these strong women, we asked a few Louisville moms and their children to share the best advice their mom ever shared, what their mom taught them and memories that have stuck with them over time. Happy Mother’s Day!

6 Louisville Moms & Their Kids Share Treasured Memories

Christy Martin & Megan Martin

Megan Martin (left) and Christy Martin (right)

Mother: Megan Martin, Owner of Clater Jewelers
Daughter: Christy Martin, Gemologist at Clater Jewelers

Do you have a heartwarming or special tradition that you enjoy together?

Christy: About the age I was getting old enough to not believe in Santa Claus, we went to a Christmas Eve party and came home, and Santa had visited us! Amazing … Santa was real! Both our parents were with us, so there was no way they could have done it. We stayed up so late playing with toys and got to sleep in our new sleeping bags in the middle of the family room!

Megan: For many years, Christy and I ran the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in memory of my mom.

How does she inspire you?

Christy: My mom is a business owner, and being a female business owner is inspiring. My mom didn’t go to college and always taught us that anything was possible if you set your mind to it! Hard work will pay off.

Megan: Christy pushes me to keep working and enjoying each day — the jewelry business is a happy, fun business.

Angie Baker Springate & Julia “Julie” Springate

Julia “Julie” Springate (left) and Angie Baker Springate (right), pictured with Julie’s grandmother’s secret-recipe pumpkin cake

Mother: Angie Baker Springate, cardiovascular open heart unit nurse case manager
Daughter: Julia “Julie” Springate (26), fourth year medical student starting pediatrics residency in July

What is the best piece of advice your mother ever gave you?

Julie: My mom has always instilled in me the importance of being myself and standing for what I believe in. Day in and day out, she stands up for her patients and does what is right. She has been an example of this my entire life. I hope to make her proud by continuing this legacy in my career as a pediatrician.

Angie: The best piece of advice my mother ever gave me was her favorite quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “The time is always right to do what is right.” Even though my mother has passed and I am a 50-plus-year-old woman, I can still hear her say these words when I am faced with a tough decision. I hope I passed this legacy to my children as well.

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Share a special tradition you enjoy together.

Julie: In honor of my grandmother, every year at Christmas, my mom and I put on her jewelry and bake her pumpkin cake (see image above). It’s such a special way to remember the women I love the most and spend time together during the holidays.

How does she inspire you?

Julie: She inspires me by working endlessly for others. She goes above and beyond to make the lives of others better. Even when it isn’t noticed or appreciated, she always does what is right.

Angie: My own mother taught me that you must not only treat people with dignity and respect, but you must shoulder your own responsibility to help build a society that reflects those values. My daughter, who I named after my mother, inspires me everyday. Our Dr. Julie Springate is a hardworking, dynamic young woman who is dedicated to helping others. She serves her community with humble grace and kindness. And like my own mother, she is a champion for those less fortunate. I am grateful for my two Julias.

Jay Gulick & Sandy Gulick

Jay Gulick (left) and Sandy Gulick (right)

Mother: Sandy Gulick, sales associate/co-founder and partner, Kentucky Select Properties
Son: Jay Gulick, managing broker/partner, Kentucky Select Properties

What is the best piece of advice your mother ever gave you?

Sandy: Probably the best advice I gave Jay: Be cheerful, honest and considerate while working hard, and you will be successful.

Jay: There is no business deal so important it’s worth risking your reputation over — do everything with integrity.

Share a fun memory of them that you cherish.

Jay: Singing a duet of “On the Road Again” by Willie Nelson with Mom during a Kentucky Select karaoke party. When I was a kid Mom used to go see Willie at the old Cardinal Stadium, and she always loved that song and made us sing it in the car on family vacations.

Sandy: Jay loves singing at parties — whether there is karaoke or not, you can hear him singing by the end of the night.

Share a heartwarming or special tradition that you enjoy together.

Sandy: Even though we work together and I see him all the time, we still get together on Sunday mornings for breakfast at our favorite restaurants around town. I also appreciate spending time with my grandkids, whether we’re out and about or just at my house enjoying the river views from the porch.

Jay: Since my kids were born (now 17 and almost 13), Mom stumbles over bleary-eyed every Christmas morning as soon as my kids wake up with a bunch of presents for everyone. She is not exactly a morning person, and in the early years the call from our house could come as early as 5:30 or 6 a.m. The most memorable year was when she didn’t have time to wrap the presents and my kids called extra-early. Mom showed up at our house with the presents in a big black garbage bag!

Finn, Teagan & Gretchen Bell

Gretchen Bell (right) with her sons, Teagan (center) and Finn (left)

Mother: Gretchen Bell, photographer
Sons: Finn (6) and Teagan (4) 

Share a surprising or funny memory or fact about your mom that you cherish.

Teagan: My mom makes me yummy food!

Finn: My mom reads me stories every night, and then we snuggle before I go to sleep. We always talk about what the best and worst part [of our day] was and something we are thankful for.

Gretchen: One of my favorite memories of my mother growing up is also of her reading. I will always have the sound of her voice in my mind. My favorite books were the Chronicles of Narnia – I plan on starting to read those to my boys in a year or two.

What has your mom taught you?

Finn: My mom teaches me to be kind.

Gretchen: We talk about mindfulness a lot.

What are some special traditions you enjoy together?

Gretchen: We are outdoors as much as we can be. One of my favorite traditions that we have are our trips to the beach. We always drive up to Southern Michigan at the beginning and end of the summer. Sometimes we camp, sometimes we Airbnb, but we always spend our days unplugged and together. Those are some of my favorite memories.

How have they inspired you or what have they taught you?

Gretchen: My kids inspire me with their honesty and the simplicity in the way they see the world. They keep things in perspective for me.

Jennifer Griffis & Chloe Griffis

Jennifer Griffis (left) and Chloe Griffis (right)

Mother: Jennifer Griffis, Owner of Dandelion Boutique
Daughter: Chloe Griffis (14)

What is the best piece of advice your mother ever gave you?

Jennifer: Treat others with compassion without expecting anything in return.

Chloe: When I was competing in horse shows, she told me, “Practice the way you want to perform, because you perform the way you practice.”

Share a treasured memory or tradition that you share.

Jennifer: We love singing together at the top of our lungs in the car! And movie nights.

Chloe: One special tradition we have is that at least once a month we have a movie night where we get in our PJs, light a fire, make popcorn and stay up half the night watching movies.

How does she inspire you or what has she taught you?

Jennifer: Chloe inspires me to try to be the best version of myself every day, because I know that she learns by watching me — even if she doesn’t realize it!

Chloe: My mother fights for what she believes in, and she doesn’t let anything stand in the way of what she wishes to accomplish. She has taught me to stand up for myself and to not let anyone or anything bring me down.

George Timothy Reed, a.k.a. Carmella Marcella Garcia, & Patsie Montana Reed

George Timothy Reed, a.k.a. Carmella Marcella Garcia (left), & Patsie Montana Reed (right)

Mother: Patsie Montana Reed (deceased), hairdresser
Son: George Timothy Reed, a.k.a. Carmella Marcella Garcia, retired entertainer, comedian, lip syncher and impressionist 

Share a memory or story about you and your mother that you cherish.

In the fourth grade, our class was preparing for the fall festival, and each class presented a skit. Three days before the festival, the “Jim Nabors Show” was on TV, and he sang the song “Grand Old Flag” dressed as Uncle Sam. My teacher thought that I should do this in the skit, so my mother had three days to make an Uncle Sam costume and for me to learn the song. So she worked with me till I had the song down, and she sewed and glued me an Uncle Sam suit. The night of the performance in front of the entire town, I stood up as Uncle Sam. Mom was so nervous, she sat on the piano bench with the pianist, trying to mouth the words to help me remember. Halfway through the song, I was looking at her and stopped, and over the mic I blurted, “Well Mama, you made me mess up!” So the pianist started over, she left me alone, and I sang the whole song perfectly!

How did she inspire you or what has she taught you?

I put her though a lot. Not every Southern mama can have a gay drag queen son in the South in the Bible Belt. She was so forgiving and understanding. She prayed a lot in the early years, but after all that time of praying, she said God told her, “You just love him and let me do the rest.” After that, she said, “I’ve got the easy part.” She was a single mother, so she played the role of Mom and Dad, and she taught me everything I know. Don’t take your mothers for granted. One day they won’t be around, and you’ll cherish every memory you have of them. Overlook the faults — we all have those. The good memories will last forever and the negative will fade away.

Now make sure you hug your mama’s neck this Mother’s Day and let her know why she inspires you!


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