Etsy is a great way for artists to virtually display their wares without the headache of retail space overhead. There are lots of local artists and artisans on Etsy. Here are a ten local you should know about:

Sunny Ray Designs

Sunny Ray Designs jewelry is sold locally at Block Party Handmade Boutique in SoFo. This line has a distinctive look, blending modern elements with vintage designs.

Roadrunner Necklace, $38

Roadrunner Necklace, $38. Image credit: Sunny Ray.


Feather necklace,

Gold and Black Feather necklace, $40. This piece now available at Block Party Handmade Boutique.


Van Vintage Design

StyleBlueprint sings the praises of Jacqui Van Ham, the artist behind Van Vintage Design. Her Etsy shop is full of her repurposed mason jar dispensers and light fixtures. She “brings the farmhouse to the warehouse.”


Clear Mason Jar Dispensers, pair for $37

Mason Jar Light, Single Drop, for $55. Image credit: Van Vintage Design


styleblueprint_localetsy_2013_05_16 (13)

Clear Mason Jar Dispensers, Pair for $37. Image credit: Van Vintage Design.


Lindsay Lou Jewelry

Lindsay Lou makes great and very affordable jewelry for all ages. StyleBlueprint profiled her Kentucky necklaces in our graduation gifts article last week.

Brass Bar Necklace, $10

Brass Bar Necklace, $10. Image credit: Lindsay Lou Jewelry.


Brass Kentucky Necklaces for $10 at Block Party Handmade Boutique.

Brass Kentucky Necklaces for $10 at Block Party Handmade Boutique.

EM Dash Designs

StyleBlueprint profiled pillows from EM Dash Designs on the May SB Finds after seeing them at the Flea Off Market recently. Her Etsy store is full of great items that make us proud to call Kentucky home.

Louisville neighborhoods pillow, $45.

Louisville neighborhoods pillow, $45.


Kentucky Pillow Set, $45

Kentucky Pillow Set, $45. Image credit: EM Dash Designs.


Sycamore Hill
Sycamore Hill sells a full line of hand-stamped vintage spoons and other tabletop, home and garden silver pieces.  These are great gifts, with original flair.
Custom Coffee Spoons, $17.50

Custom Coffee Spoons, $17.50. Image credit: Sycamore Hill.


styleblueprint_localetsy_2013_05_16 (3)

Bless this Home personalized horseshoe, $68. Image credit: Sycamore Hill.


PaperJacks takes wrapping a present to another level with their handmade paper, ribbon and labels. This is a case where the wrap might be nicer than the gift!
Chevron Premium Wrapping paper, $7.99

Chevron Premium Wrapping paper, $7.99. Image credit: PaperJacks.

Paper ribbon, $5 each.

Paper ribbon, $5 each. Image credit: PaperJacks.


For Pete’s Sake Pottery

For Pete’s Sake Pottery is not just pottery; it’s everything from monogram door hangers, to dishes, to just about anything you want personalized. Their door hangers have been featured on SB Finds.

18" Wood Circle Monogram, $62

18″ Wood Circle Monogram, $62. Image credit: For Pete’s Sake Pottery.


Painted Jockey Bowls, $10 each.

Painted Jockey Bowls, $10 each. Image credit: For Pete’s Sake Pottery.


Formed by two artists, Belinda Irvin and Lynn Lewis, the sell beautiful horse-related original drawings.
Four Jockeys Walking, $125

Four Jockeys Walking, $125. Image credit: BandLArt

Knob Creek Metal Arts 
From bookends to hangers, Knob Creek Metal Arts is taking ordinary functional objects and making them art.
Chihuahua Dog Metal Art Key or Leash Rack, $26.99

Chihuahua Dog Metal Art Key or Leash Rack, $26.99. Image credit: Knob Creek Metal Arts.


Owl and Woodpecker Metal Bookends, $62.99

Owl and Woodpecker Metal Bookends, $62.99. Image credit: Knob Creek Metal Arts.

Derby City Soap

Derby City Soap makes all natural, vegan, cold process, handmade soap and facial masks.

Tea Tree Soap, $5.50

Tea Tree Soap, $5.50. Image credit: Derby City Soap


French Red Clay Face Mask, $11

French Red Clay Face Mask, $11. Image credit: Derby City Soap.

In addition to Etsy, most all of these artists sell their designs at local boutiques and gift stores around town.

For a little fun aside, be sure to check out, or the unfortunate side to Etsy, otherwise known as when DIY goes wrong. It will keep you laughing.