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Have you ever wondered where boutique owners like to shop when they’re not at their own store? Obviously they have an eye for style, so we wanted to get the inside scoop. Read on to find out where these local style gurus enjoy a little retail therapy when it’s not at their own place.

Local Boutique Owners’ Favorite Places to Shop in Louisville

Local Boutique Owners Reveal Where They Love to Shop in Louisville

Local boutique owners dish on their favorite haunts for a little retail therapy!

Trish Lounsbury, Celebrations

“I can always find the perfect gifts at Sister Dragonfly. Their style satisfies the old hippie in me, and they are the nicest people in town. They have a wonderful range of clothing, jewelry and lots of fun knickknacks. And if you’re lucky and show up on the right day, you’ll get to meet two of the sweetest dogs ever.

Craft(s) offers an amazing selection of curated gifts and collectibles. David and Karen use their extensive experience in the local art and crafts scene to offer unusual and interesting art, jewelry and other gift items that you don’t see anywhere else. In addition, Craft(s) presents art exhibits featuring some of the area’s finest artists. Imagine a room filled with incredible art by local women artists. That’s why I like to go to Block Party Handmade Boutique. Mary Levinski has assembled an amazing group of local women artists and crafters. Whether it is jewelry, wearable art, paintings, prints or textiles, we have always looked to Block Party for that special gift.”

Local Boutique Owners Reveal Where They Love to Shop in Louisville

Trish Lounsbury of Celebrations can be spotted at Sister Dragonfly, Craft(s) and The Block Party Handmade Boutique.

Lynne Wilson-Gault, Blooms Boutique

As far as local boutiques, Lynne enjoys visiting Two Chicks on Shelbyville Road in Middletown. She tends to gravitate toward their selection of local and Kentucky-themed products and stylish, yet reasonably priced jewelry. Lynne, an art major in college, enjoys visiting local fairs and art festivals for accessories and beautiful, unique home decor. St. James and Cherokee Triangle are two of her favorites. While you might not think of it for retail therapy, the Douglas Loop Farmer’s Market is always on her list as she enjoys browsing booths for local produce and a generous selection of specialty foods.

Nancy Rankin, Blooms Boutique

Nancy travels frequently, and, with the exception of Blooms, much of her wardrobe is purchased when she is on the road. Jokes Nancy, “Nothing like retail therapy after a busy workday!” Locally she enjoys shopping at Digs Home and Garden owned by colleague Ben Palmer-Ball. Digs has beautiful in-store displays and wonderfully curated product offerings. Nancy is also a lover of anything vintage or repurposed and frequents The Crazy Daisy and Peddler’s Mall in Louisville, as well as a variety of antiques and resale shops in LaGrange and Shelbyville.

Local Boutique Owners Reveal Where They Love to Shop in Louisville

Lynne Wilson-Gault and Nancy Rankin of Blooms Boutique have a laundry list of local favorites.

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Leslie Lewis-Sheets, LL & A Interior Design

Etcetera — definitely a great place for stationery, invitations, lovely jewelry, handbags and wraps. House of K Boutique, which houses Headcandi, has great dressy dresses for Derby and special occasions, as well as must-have hats for Derby. And Sapphire Boutique has great clothing for work and play,” says Leslie Lewis-Sheets.

She often visits Paul’s Fruit Market, where she raves about the “fantastic fresh fruit and vegetables, freshly made chicken and ham salads, and Blue Dog Bakery for the croutons — and Lavender Hill for their fresh flowers!”

Local Boutique Owners Reveal Where They Love to Shop in Louisville

From Derby hats to fresh flowers, Leslie has her favorite local shops for every occasion.

Jessica Taylor, That Cute Little Shop

“I love shopping at Shaq & CoCo in Bardstown. I love every single thing in that shop — I love the owner, Bonnie Hamilton, and her entire staff. I buy fabulous clothes and shoes, gifts and amazing jewelry too! At Mary’s in Bardstown is a favorite, too. They have the most charming things. In Louisville, I love Collections Boutique and Tunies. I love the style of both shops.”

Local Boutique Owners Reveal Where They Love to Shop in Louisville

Jessica Taylor of That Cute Little Shop frequents shops in Bardstown as well as in Louisville.

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Sallie Clater Baer & Megan Martin, Clater Jewelers

Our friends and jewelry experts Sallie and Megan have similar favorites on their lists. They told us they love to shop at the following stores when they’re not busy serving our local community. They visit Playthings Toy Shoppe for their large variety of children’s unique and educational toys. In the morning, they often sip on coffee while they work from The Coffee Zone. When nighttime falls, you can spot the friends clanking glasses at Westport Whiskey & Wine. In their spare time, they enjoy perusing the colors of Lanning Paints. You can also find them sporting looks from Talbots. Lastly, if they want fresh flowers in their homes, they head on over to Oberer’s Flowers for the best selection in Louisville.

Local Boutique Owners Reveal Where They Love to Shop in Louisville

Sallie and Megan of Clater Jewelers say their favorite places to grab drinks are The Coffee Zone and Westport Whiskey & Wine.

Jack Mathis, Work The Metal

“I love going to The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall, located in Butchertown on Mellwood Avenue, because I have a fascination with horse and Jesus paint-by-number artwork. I can usually find one there, in addition to finding fun displays for the store.”

Jack also loves to visit Mahonia, saying, “They have a great selection of indoor plants, and Bridget [owner of Mahonia] has a great knowledge of how to keep the plants alive, which I struggle with. I find inspiration in the way that they display their plants and home goods.” Jack also frequently visits Architectural Salvage, located on Broadway. “Since I am rehabbing a house from the 1890s, I am always looking for historic items I can add back into the home.”

Local Boutique Owners Reveal Where They Love to Shop in Louisville

Jack of Work the Metal shares his favorites for artwork, plants and antiques.

Hopefully you’ve discovered some new places to explore. Happy shopping, Lou!


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