Joe’s Older Than Dirt has been a Louisville treasure since 1937, and it’s more than a place where everyone knows your name. If walls could talk, they would tell the secrets of the regulars – the engagements, anniversaries and wedding receptions. Most importantly, there isn’t a single thing pretentious about Joe’s Older Than Dirt. It’s your good ol’ American food joint with delicious food and great company!

Any establishment that has been around since 1937 is bound to have history! Interestingly, owner and operator Cres Bride was a partner before Joe’s closed down and Red Barn Kitchen moved in. When Red Barn didn’t quite shake out and Joe’s made its return, Cres knew he wanted to be a part of the comeback. He nabbed the place and flipped it in 19 days, during which he renovated, ripped out a wall and removed a tree. Since reopening, Cres has received an overwhelming amount of support from the Lyndon neighborhood. “Joe’s is in the hearts of so many people. It’s not just a chain restaurant … it’s special to everyone in the community,” explains Cres. Here are a few reasons why …

Joe’s has been a Louisville neighborhood staple since 1937.

From the backside of the bar, overlook the high-top tables and warm fireplace.

He keeps an eye on the place!

If you visited Joe’s Older Than Dirt before the building’s renovation, you would remember all of the taxidermied animal displays, beer signs and eclectic artwork. It’s still got that old feeling … but with a facelift.

Now, the natural wood panels along the walls are glossy with a fresh coat of light gray paint, which really opens up the space. Towards the front of the restaurant, a cozy wood-burning fireplace brings it all together. It’s the perfect space to get cozy and snuggle up with an ice-cold brewsky during the cooler months.

During football, basketball and any other sport season, passionate fans set up camp around a high-top table near the bar or in the larger dining area and catch the game on one of the 20 widescreen TVs throughout the restaurant. But you don’t have to wait until football season to enjoy a fun night at Joe’s! The restaurant offers something every single day of the week, including trivia night on Mondays, cornhole on Wednesdays and various other specials and themes throughout the week.

Catch the game in a cozy atmosphere with oversized sofas and large tables to seat all of your friends!

The outdoor bar is great in the cooler weather.

Like his buddy in the other room, he keeps everyone in check!

The larger dining area offers plenty of TVs to catch your favorite teams!

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Just as the space had a facelift, so did the menu. You’ll still find the classic American favorites, but slightly elevated. Possibly, the best upgrade in the books is the addition of the smoker in the back. The brisket is smoked for 13 hours until it practically falls apart! You can find this mouth-watering brisket on the brisket chili nachos served with kettle chips, brisket chili, queso, Monterey Jack, jalapeños, pico de gallo and Alabama white sauce.

If that doesn’t have you drooling over the keyboard, try the brisket platter, served with mac & cheese, coleslaw and pickles, or the brisket sandwich with Alabama white sauce and coleslaw. You won’t be disappointed, or hungry, either way!

One of our favorites is the fried green tomato BLT served with thick, crispy slices of bacon. The tomato makes a graceful appearance by adding its tart flavor between a bun the size of your face! It’s definitely not one to miss. And don’t forget to smear on some Alabama sauce.

You’ll also find classic selections like the cheeseburger, fish & chips and a house-smoked pulled pork sandwich.

Perhaps one of the most interesting dishes, a Joe’s classic, is the Kitchen Sink Nachos — a massive tray of yummy, calorie-filled goodness with pulled pork, brisket chili, mac & cheese, bacon, sour cream, pico de gallo, queso, jalapeños, Alabama white sauce and tortilla chips.

There are also plans to expand the menu offerings in the coming weeks to offer healthier options. “We hope to provide more health-conscious items like vegetarian options and wraps for our customers who enjoy lighter meals,” Cres explains.

The outdoor patio has plenty of space for fundraisers, cornhole tournaments and enjoying the beautiful weather.

The menu at Joe’s offers many of the same items as before but with an elevated twist! The Kitchen Sink Nachos are an SB fave.

Joe’s loaded fries are smothered with queso and topped with bacon and green onions — pretty hard to beat!

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Cres says the number one question asked to the Mayor of Lyndon was, “When is Joe’s coming back?” And on February 21, Mayor issued a proclamation declaring that day “Joe’s Older Than Dirt Day.” You can see why this place is such a treasure for so many. Although the restaurant has evolved through the years, it still maintains the sense of home it brings to patrons. The community has made many memories here, and we are so glad it will continue to live on!

The exterior of Joe’s still resembles the classic restaurant!

Joe’s Older Than Dirt is located at 8131 New La Grange Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40222. Hours are 11 a.m. to 4 a.m. everyday. For more information, call (502) 434-7470 or visit


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