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With 2021 behind us, we’re welcoming the new year with open arms … and more appreciation for the comforts of home than ever before. With January’s chill comes the desire for all things cozy and good for the soul — soft loungewear, scented candles, and spiced hot drinks. Whether you’re curling up with a good book, taking a long bath, or sleeping in, we’ve got a selection of Southern-made items to keep you warm and smiling all month long.


Wildcrafted tea

Fire Cider is a cult classic from the beloved Nashville tea house, High Garden, perfect for winter warmth and immunity. This infusion is made of apple cider vinegar granules, elderberries, hibiscus calyx, hyssop, ginger root, cinnamon, honeysuckle blossoms, clove, and crushed red pepper. One tea bag will make a lot of potent tea and can be re-steeped throughout the day. Grab a single pack for $4.95 or the full for $14.95 at High Garden.

High Garden Tea Nashville

Fire Cider herbal infusion tea, $4.95 to $14.95, at High Garden | Image: High Garden

Spicewalla spices

The Asheville spice gurus at Spicewalla are some of the most magical contributors to the culinary world. There’s no better time than now to fully revamp your expired spice drawer as we strive for more creative, flavorful, and healthier cooking. This 18-tin starter pack is perfect for the aspiring home chef or the seasoned veteran who wants a refresh of flavor and potency. This kitchen essentials collection is $98.99 at Spicewalla.

Southern FINDS January: Essential spicewalla collection

Kitchen essentials collection, $98.99, at Spicewalla | Image: Spicewalla

Honey straws

Honey and tea go together like salt and pepper! These Kentucky local wildflower honey straws are great to have on hand to eat as a snack or add to tea, coffee, yogurt, and more. You get all the benefits of jarred honey (natural sweetness with no additives, helps seasonal allergies, and soothes sore throats) in cutely packaged, small-batch straws. Get a pack of 50 local honey straws for $12.50 at Honey Bear Farms.

Southern FINDS January: Wildflower Honey Straws Kentucky

50 local honey straws, $12.50 at Honey Bear Farms | Image: Honey Bear Farms

Cocktail kit

Whether you’re doing dry or damp January, WithCo’s seasonal cider pairs beautifully with bourbon, whiskey, scotch, añejo tequila, or with no liquor at all. The mix is made from apple, raw honey, lemon, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, rosemary, bay leaf, allspice, orange, and cayenne. This dynamic duo also includes a garnishing kit with apples, oranges, rosemary, and cinnamon sticks. Try this out for $25 at WithCo.

WIthCo cocktail mix

Sweaterweather cocktail + garnish kit, $25, at WithCo | Image: WithCo

Local trail mix

This trail mix is like a crisp mountain hike in a bag and is sourced entirely from different parts of Georgia. Moonlight Through the Pines features locally sourced dried organic peanuts and pecans, dark chocolate, raw pumpkin seeds, dried peaches, and dried cranberries. This snack is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein, so it’s perfect for road trips, hiking, or post-workout. Shop this can’t-put-it-down trail mix for $10 at Xocolatl.

Southern FINDS January: Trail mix from Xocolatl

Trail mix, $10, at Xocolatl | Image: Xocolatl


Cook This Book Cookbook

Now that you have the spices, let’s COOK! If you’re not following Molly Baz on Instagram, you should. Her new foundational cookbook is a handy modern guide to smarter, faster, more creative cooking. Dive into these clear and uncomplicated recipes that truly make cooking fun. Find this for $32.50 at Press Shop, an independent book and gift shop in Atlanta that we LOVE.

Cook This Book by Molly Baz from Press Shop ATL

Cook This Book, $32.50, at Press Shop | Image: Press Shop

Happy cards

If you are missing your people, we know how you feel! Cozy up and send some of your best pals some no-reason handwritten notes. Each of the eight cards (four colors, two cards each) is adorably designed like a bug-patterned bandana and comes with a cheery message inside. Shop these cards at Charleston jewelry designer Goldbug Collection for $30.

Southern FINDS January: Happy pen pal card set

Cards, $30, at Goldbug Collection | Image: Goldbug Collection

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Southern FINDS January: Inside of Happy Pen Pal card

How CUTE is the inside of this card?! Image: Goldbug Collection

Celebration calendar

This wall calendar is such a fabulous idea! Instead of a year-specific calendar, this one is meant to be filled with important dates — birthdays, anniversaries, milestones, etc. — and used every year as a reminder of big celebrations. Never miss another event! Just keep filling in the lines as you have more and more things to celebrate. Find this (and get a few as gifts!) for $32.50 at Archer Paper.

Celebration Calendar from Archer Paper

Celebration calendar, $32.50, at Archer Paper | Image: Archer Paper


Jersey T-shirt pajama set

If you love sleeping and lounging in an easy-breezy pajama set, this set from Natalie Busby is perfect. Featuring everything you could ever need in a sleep set — from buttery soft bamboo material to an oversized, relaxed fit — you can find these pajamas in this great redwood color at SB Shop for $135.

Natalie Busby pajama set

Jersey T-shirt pajama set, $135, at SB Shop

Alpaca wrap

Peruvian Andes alpaca wool is so luxurious, and it’s more environmentally sustainable than cashmere and merino wool. The durable, silky fiber is warm and hypoallergenic, so you can cozy up with this piece all winter. It’s a splurge, but definitely a staple. Shop this in multiple colors for $365 at Chapel Farm.

Southern FINDS January: Alpaca wrap from Chapel Farm

Alpaca wrap, $365, at Chapel Farm | Image: Chapel Farm


You’re all set for more snow in this fabulous quilted, hooded puffer! The heather gray lining creates a laidback, yet fashionable, look. It’s not-too-long, not-too-short, and the safari green goes with nearly everything. At $128, this feels like a nice winter steal at Posh!

Puffer Jacket from Posh

Jacket, $128, at Posh | Image: Posh


How adorable is this navy beanie? The ultra-soft rabbit and fox fur pompom are like a big warm hug for your head. This great North Carolina boutique is stocked with beanies in lots of colors and luxe materials. This one is $90 at Clair de Lune.

Southern FINDS January: Navy Beanie from Clair De Lune

Beanie, $90, at Clair de Lune | Image: Clair de Lune


Hand cream

As the air is drier, so is our skin! We’re obsessed with good creams to help hydrate. This one is made with shea butter and is intensely hydrating thanks to its signature botanical cocktail of ginseng, ivy, cucumber, and comfrey. And the scent is to-die-for! Find this elizabethW Vetiver mini hand cream at B. Prince for $12.

elizabethW vetiver hand cream

Hand cream, $12, at B. Prince | Image: B. Prince


Don’t let cold temps distract you from the possibility of sun damage! Sunscreen is a year-round necessity, and this ultra-lightweight SPF-30 lotion is formulated to be water- and sweat-resistant. The non-greasy formula sinks into the skin effortlessly without leaving icky residue. Hyaluronic acid and ashwagandha soothe and moisturize the skin while zinc oxide blocks harmful rays. Grab this skincare staple for $18 at Milkweed.

Southern FINDS January: Sunscreen Milkweed

Sunscreen, $18, at Milkweed | Image: Milkweed

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Hand soap

Join the thousands of others who cherish the Narcissist scent by the soap buffs at Buff City Soap. It smells, they say online, of peachwood and “me time” with notes of peaches, raspberries, and patchouli sandalwood. Find this five-star-perfect scent for $7 at Buff City Soap — and best of luck buying only a few things!

Southern FINDS January: Buff City Soap in Narcissist scent

Soap bars, $7 each, at Buff City Soap | Image: Buff City Soap



Charlotte, NC-based multi-media artist Windy O’Connor’s colorful, playful art is splattered onto more than just the canvas. She paints denim jackets, canvas bags, and has even translated her designs to fabulous wallpaper and PILLOWS! Each pillow has a luxury linen or velvet backing of a neutral or coordinating color, and you can buy the perfectly sized inserts separately. Check out her smattering of pillows of all sizes and colors at Windy O’Connor. Pictured are Artifacts Navy (left, $220) and the Candied Icing Citron (right, $170) pillows.

Windy O'Connor pillows

Artifacts Navy (left, $220) and Candied Icing Citron (right, $170) pillows at Windy O’Connor | Image: Instagram

Coffee table

Swapping out a coffee table is an easy way to revamp your living room as we look forward to a new year. We love the intriguing design and mixed materials of this one from Merridian. Shop this table for $526 in their Louisville and Nashville stores, or call your nearest store for other pickup and delivery options.

Merridian Coffee Table

Coffee table, $526, at Merridian | Image: Merridian


Bring some sunshine to your walls with a new painting from a Southern artist! Patti Ratcliffe creates gorgeous contemporary and impressionistic oil paintings of flowers, landscapes, animals, still lifes, commissioned ideas, and more. She has a smattering of original pieces in different sizes and fair price points, so you can start your collection! This 11-by-14-inch original oil painting is $260 at Ratcliffe Art.

Southern FINDS January: Patti Ratcliffe Art

Bouquet Beautiful, $260, at Ratcliffe Art | Image: Ratcliffe Art

Here’s to a cozy January!


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