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When it comes to beauty, I like to look good — but I also like to keep things as simple as possible. I don’t enjoy spending crazy amounts of time on my hair and makeup every day, so anything I can do to shorten my daily beauty routine is a good investment to me. I would much rather wake up flawless (or as close to it as possible!) than spend hours in front of the mirror. The good news is that there are some impactful beauty treatments that will make you look incredible, save you time in the long run, and have you saying, “I woke up like this!”

3 Time-Saving Beauty Treatments


I truly don’t know how I ever lived without microblading. I used to spend at least five minutes a day making sure my brows looked Instagram-perfect before ever leaving my house. I’ll go out without foundation, lipstick and even mascara sometimes, yet I feel scary without my eyebrows on. But now that I’ve tried microblading, I don’t ever have to worry about that again.

The process takes about two hours from start to finish (not including the original consult). I recently had my brows done at Louisville’s J Michael’s Spa and Salon, and the first thing my stylist, Carrie, did was apply numbing cream to my brows. Now, I’m not going to lie. It still hurt … badly. But for those who can sit through the pain, it’s 100% worth it.

I woke up like this

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of how crazy I looked with the numbing cream!

Next, Carrie measured my brows to make sure we got the perfect shape. As you can see from the picture below, the shape she originally drew was quite sharp at the top. I like for my brows to be a little more round, so she re-drew them with a softer edge. I truly cannot overstate this point: It’s extremely important to be honest with your stylist because this is a semi-permanent process, and you don’t want to go home with brows you don’t love.

I woke up like this

The measuring process takes a good amount of time to make sure the brows are even and perfect for the shape of the face.

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Once my brows were shaped to my liking, the microblading began. According to Jill, the owner of J Michael’s, if you’re fair skinned, you are more likely to bleed, and if you have a darker complexion, you’re more likely to swell. I’m extremely fair skinned, and I bled a lot. Carrie did a total of three microblading passes on me and applied more numbing cream in between each pass. By the third pass, the pain was much more tolerable. After the microblading was all done, Carrie applied more dye to my brows, and I sat with it on for about 20 minutes. After the dye was wiped away, it was time for the grand reveal.

I absolutely love my results! Microblading is definitely a time-saving beauty treatment; since having it done, I haven’t had to apply a single thing to my brows (except sunscreen), and I don’t have to think twice about leaving the house without makeup. The only post-treatment need is to apply “skin candy,” which prevents scabbing while your skin heals. Microblading lasts for one-and-a-half to two years, and retouches are recommended every six weeks.

I woke up like this

This is how my brows looked right after they were done. You can even see the stroke marks!

I woke up like this

I love showing off my new brows!

Keratin Treatment

With all of the hot tools women use every day — blow dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc. — hair can become dry and damaged very easily. This is especially true during the summer, when heat and humidity, plus the chlorine from swimming pools, are thrown into the mix.

My favorite way to make sure my hair is healthy, strong and shiny — year-round — is to use a keratin treatment. It’s quick and easy, and it leaves the hair revived and full of life. Even better, this treatment can be done at home. Just wash your hair, generously apply the keratin conditioner (I typically buy mine from Studio 151), apply all-over heat for 20 minutes, rinse, dry and voilà! Your hair will have a healthy glow and be stronger than ever.

Keratin treatments typically last for six months, but it won’t harm your hair to do it more often, especially for weak hair.

I woke up like this

This is how my hair looked before the keratin treatment — you can easily see the damage.

I woke up like this

This is my hair after the keratin treatment. It looks healthy, shiny and strong.

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Nail Dip

Keeping my nails painted would probably prevent me from biting them, but that’s a time-consuming process that requires so much regular maintenance. I did, however, discover that getting my nails dipped keeps my bad habit at bay and also ensures that I wake up with great-looking nails that require zero effort. It’s a nice change and gives me a boost of confidence I didn’t realize I was looking for.

I had my nails done at Nail Therapy, and even though I didn’t have an appointment, I was able to walk right in and get “the dip.” After I chose my color, the process was pretty entertaining to watch. My nails were buffed before a layer of clear, glue-like nail polish was added and my nails were dipped into a powder substance that hardens on the nail.

Nail dipping is better for the nails than acrylics, and it lasts for about three weeks. And while gel is technically healthier for nails than dipping, gel only lasts about two weeks.

The dipping process didn’t take long at all, and when it was all done, my nails looked fabulous. When it’s time for removal, your nail bed will be roughed up before soaking in acetone for about 10 minutes. From there, any excess substance will be removed — and none of this hurts the nail bed if done correctly.

Another time-saving beauty treatment that I’ll definitely do again!

I woke up like this

I love waking up with my nails looking nice. It makes such a difference in my confidence!

I hope these beauty treatments save you precious time each morning and help you to wake up feeling like the queen you truly are!


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