If you’re making the holiday party rounds, don’t show up empty-handed. Here are some great hostess gifts that won’t break the bank. They’re all $15 or less, and are organized by neighborhood, item, store and price. All you have to do is purchase, wrap and bring it to the party!


Fish dishes

These colorful fish-themed dishes work for everything from soap to cheese. Available at Scout on Market for $9 (small), $10 (medium) and $15 (large).

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Fish dishes at Scout on Market range in price from $9 to $15.

Organic Soaps

Homemade in Louisville, these organic scented soaps are the perfect hostess gift. They come with an ornament, too. Available at Revelry Boutique Gallery for $4 to $7.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Scented organic soaps at Revelry Boutique for $4 to $7

Kentucky-made ornaments

These Kentucky-made ornaments are the perfect gift for your local Louisvillians. Find them at Gifthorse for $10 each.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Kentucky-made ornaments at Gifthorse for $10

Cocktail glasses

Who wouldn’t want one of these fun glasses for that perfect holiday cocktail? They’ll be a hit for the hostess who loves to party. Available at Work the Metal for $9 each.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Cocktail glasses at Work the Metal for $9

Bourbon-themed bath products

Moss Hill  has the perfect gift package of Bourbon shower gel, lip gloss and body wash for $15.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Bourbon shower gel, lip gloss and body wash at Moss Hill for $15

Mini bourbon trial set

Another great gift for the bourbon-loving hostess? This sampling of Bourbon Barrel Foods’ smoked spices and sugar for $15. Available in-store or on their website.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Mini smoked spices and sugars sampling from Bourbon Barrel Foods for $15. Image courtesy of Bourbon Barrel Foods


Cellar Door Chocolates has the perfect treat for any hostess with a sweet tooth. The sentiment of these cookie-cutter chocolates lasts far beyond the taste. Find them at Cellar Door Chocolates in the Butchertown Market for $7.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Cookie-cutter chocolates at Cellar Door Chocolates for $7 each

Norton Commons

Bird bottle openers

Give the hostess a hand with those pesky caps on favorite holiday brews. These bird bottle openers are available at cale & cole for $14.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Bird bottle openers at cale & cole for $14

Tea towels

These tea towels are ideal for any hostess with a sense of humor and a touch of class. Find them at Something Blue for $12 each.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Something Blue tea towels for $12

Small boxes

These tiny boxes make the sweetest hostess gift. With fun imagery like horseshoes and hearts, they’re fun trinket holders for around any Kentucky home. They are available at Clay & Cotton in Norton Commons for $12.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Boxes from Clay & Cotton for $12


Napkin holder

This silver fleur de lis napkin holder is perfect for holding your special holiday cocktail napkins or those you use every day. This is available at Chick A D’s for $14.

Hostess Gifts under $15

Fleur de lis napkin holder at Chick A D’s for $14

Pinecone ornament

A nice holiday ornament is always a good, safe buy. These metallic pinecones are large and sturdy, and would look great on any tree or in an accent bowl, as displayed here. Available at Robin’s Nest Interiors for $15 each.

Hostess Gifts under $15

Gilded pinecone ornaments at Robin’s Nest Interiors for $15.

Christmas towel

This nifty gift is a two-for-one. First, you get the embroidered tea towel with the initial on it. An added gift is the ornament with the same initial for your tree. All of this for only $13 at Two Chicks and Co.

Hostess Gifts under $15

Monogrammed Christmas hand towel with accompanying ornament for $13 at Two Chicks

St. Matthews

Small wreath

This individual-sized boxwood wreath makes an ideal hostess gift. Available at Colonial Designs for $14.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Individual boxwood wreaths at Colonial Design for $14 each


These stitched coasters at Dandelion have many different designs. Choose all the same, or mix and match, for $9 each.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Stitched coasters at Dandelion for $9 each


Bottle Opener

This bottle opener is more like art than a item for your bar. Order one online for $14  at Lee W. Robinson’s online boutique, where he has carefully curated his own catalog of gifts and decor.

Hostess Gifts under $15

Antler Bottle Opener for $14 at Lee W Robinson Company

Burlap stockings

Bring your guests a bottle of wine or a bag full of chocolate in these cute burlap stockings. Sold at Urban Farmhouse Market for $14.

Burlap stockings at Urban Farmhouse Market for $14.

Burlap stockings at Urban Farmhouse Market for $14

To-go cups

Take a roadie in style. These Bev To Go wine to-go cups are sold at Monkee’s of Louisville for $14 each.

Bev to Go, wineglasses sold at Monkee's of Louisville for $14 each.

Bev To Go, wineglasses sold at Monkee’s of Louisville for $14 each


These decorative vases are super cute and are a fantastic hostess gift. Fill them with a few fresh flowers, and it’s an instant pick-me-up for any hall table or kitchen sill. Find these at Merridian for $15 each.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Vases from Merridian for $15 each


DIGS Home and Garden has copious amounts of beautiful Christmas ornaments. This feathered bird, for example, can be found for $8, and is both elegant and affordable.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Feathered bird ornament from DIGS Home and Garden for $8

More tea towels

These tea towels from Dolfinger’s are an attractive holiday hostess gift that can be used every Christmas. They are $12.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Tea Towels from Dolfinger’s for $12

Bird dishes

These tiny bird dishes from Cartwheels are perfect for holding loose change or small jewelry. Find them at Cartwheels for $5 (small) and $8 (large).

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Bird dishes at Cartwheels for $5 (small) and $8 (large)

Glitter ornaments

These glitter ornaments come in several different forms and are perfect to deck out a hostess’ tree. They are available at Fleur de Lis for $8 each.

Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $15

Glitter ornaments from Fleur de Lis for $8.


These potholders at Anthropologie will look cute on their own or with a batch of fresh-baked Christmas cookies. Find them at Anthropologie for $14 each.

Potholders at Anthropologie for $14.

Potholders at Anthropologie for $14

Westport Village

Salad servers

These wooden salad servers are both beautiful and practical. Held together with a leather tie, they can be found at Home Inspired in Westport Village for $12.

Wooden salad servers at Home Interiors for $12.

Wooden salad servers at Home Inspired for $12

Personal gardens

Itty Bitty Gardens at The Secret Garden let you mix and match a variety of smaller plants to create your own custom garden. At $2.49 each, you can create a lovely pint-size starter for any gracious hostess.

Itty bitties for your own personal size garden. $2.75 each at The Secret Garden

Itty bitties for a personal  garden are $2.49 each at The Secret Garden


This is just one group of many gifts that we have found for you. Our Gifts Under $50 is coming soon, so get ready. Until then, follow us on Instagram, where we post a find a day.  Follow us at https://instagram.com/styleblueprint.

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