I love chicken salad and I do not discriminate. Whether it’s shredded, plain, with curry, with craisins, with nuts, it doesn’t matter, I’m all in. So, I always like to keep a stash at home to munch on and for kids’ lunches. Here’s a roundup of some great chicken salads around town to go:

Burger’s Chicken Salad

Now sold at Paul’s Fruit Market, this is labelled as Turkey Breast Salad. Who knew that the Burgers were using turkey, not chicken all these years? Who cares, it’s still one of the best in town. (You know I love to eat this for breakfast on one of their knot rolls. No judgement, please.)

Great Chicken Salads TO GO

Paul’s Chicken Salad

There are two types of chicken salad at Paul’s: one with grapes and one without. Also available sometimes is their Buffalo Chicken Salad, which is a great variation on this dish. www.paulsfruit.com

Great Chicken Salads TO GO

At Paul’s Fruit Market: chicken salad with or without grapes.

Kroger’s Derby City Chicken Salad

I probably buy this most weeks when I am at Kroger. It has red grapes, walnuts, celery and sugar. www.kroger.com

Great Chicken Salads TO GO

Kroger has great chicken salad.

Zoe’s Chicken Salad

This is a plain, shredded chicken salad. It’s sold in the front case with the refrigerated drinks, or you can ask for a portion to go. The chicken has so much flavor, it doesn’t need many ingredients. zoeskitchen.com

Craisin Honey Chicken Salad from the Cheddar Box

Craisins, honey and walnuts make this chicken salad at the Cheddar Box such a hit. I bet they sell out of this every day by 1:00 p.m. thecheddarbox.com

Great Chicken Salads TO GO

Craisin honey chicken salad on top from Cheddar Box, Zoe’s Kitchen chicken salad below.

Lotsa Pasta Curried Chicken Salad

It’s the yellow chicken salad, in case you were wondering. And it has a delicious flavor with hints of curry, pineapple and celery. www.lotsapastalouisville.com

Great Chicken Salads TO GO

Curry chicken salad–it’s yellow and fabulous.

Gather up your knot rolls, toast, croissants, wheat bread, pretzel thins or just plain saltines. It’s chicken salad time.