It’s inevitable. Every year when I start getting graduation announcements, I think: “How did this happen? There is no way <insert graduate’s name here> is graduating. I just saw her/him in a stroller!” My next thought is always, “Now, what to buy?”

StyleBlueprint has got you covered this year with ideas for graduation gifts for her, for him, for everyone.

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Monogrammed Tote

This cute cloth tote with rope handles is available at Monkee’s of Louisville. It comes in a variety of embroidery colors and retails for $58. It is a great size for books, clothes or even food.

Monogrammed tote at Monkee's of Louisville for $58.

Monogrammed tote, available at Monkee’s of Louisville. $58.

Makeup Bag

While they might not hold all your girl graduate’s makeup or toiletries, these bags from Kate Spade are durable, and you can wipe them off. They fit nicely in a backpack or tote. The large, striped bag is $70, and the smaller, polka-dot bag is $58. Both are available at Rodes for Her.

Kate Spade Makeup Bags at Rodes for Her for

Kate Spade Makeup Bags, available at Rodes for Her. Small polka dot, $58. Large striped, $70.

Monogrammed Cross-Body Luxe Clutch

This purse doubles as a cross-body bag, or she can tuck in the chain to make it into a clutch. Great for going out or to a football game. It comes in several colors and several colors of embroidery. Available online for $36.99 here:

grad gifts marley lilley clutch

Monogrammed cross-body luxe clutch, available online. $36.99.

Gold Initial Pendant

These beautiful gold initial disc pendants are perfect for any girl graduate. Sold locally at Boutique Serendipity, they are $65 for the necklace and charm or $25 for just a charm. To see more of this jewelry by Charlene K, click here: For Serendipity’s website, click here:

grad gifts gold initial pendant

Gold initial pendant necklace, available at Boutique Serendipity. $65 for necklace and charm. $25 for charm only.

Office Supplies

Don’t make your grad get a nondescript stapler! Pick up these office supplies at Anthropologie to brighten her desk. Tape dispenser is $18, stapler is $16 and pen holder is $14.

sb grad gifts office supplies

Desk accessories, available at Anthropologie. Tape dispenser, $18. Stapler, $16. Pen holder, $14.


Dopp Kit

This Dopp kit is made of silk ties and sold at Cartwheels for $16. This might be the closest your grad gets to an actual tie for awhile.

Tie dop kits for boys at Cartwheels for $16 each.

Tie Dopp kits for boys, available at Cartwheels Papers & Gifts. $16 each.

Needlepoint Belts, Front Wallets and Key Fobs

With more than 70 schools available, including fraternity and sorority names, these are great gifts for your grad. Made by Smathers & Branson and sold locally at The Fashion Post, these are a quality gift that will be used and will last forever. They have plenty in stock, but if you need to order, turnaround time is usually less than a week. Prices are $55 for front-pocket wallet, $28.50 for key fob and $165 for belts.

grad gifts Collegiate Product

Needlepoint collegiate products from Smathers & Branson, available at The Fashion Post. Front-pocket wallet, $55. Key fob, $28.50. Belt, $165.

Patagonia Backpack

I’m sure your grad still has his high school or college backpack, but here’s a good gift for him to use either for school or for life after school. Patagonia’s Refugio backpack has three compartments, and one is a dedicated, padded laptop sleeve. It is lightweight, making it easy to carry. Available at Quest Outdoors or online for about $85. or

Patagonia Refugio Backpack, available at Quest Outdoors. About $85.

Engravable Cufflinks

They’re another gift that he may not use right away, but your boy grad will have these for life. Best part, they are only $40 at The Fashion Post. A timeless classic!

Engraveable cufflinks only $40 at The Fashion Post.

Engraved cufflinks, available at The Fashion Post. $40.


Storage Baskets

Available at Just Creations, grads can find something to put in these baskets, whether it be clothes, books or junk. With lids and handles, they can be closed up and put away, too. The small is $12, and the large is $30.

sb grad gift baskets

Storage baskets, available at Just Creations. Small, $12. Large, $30.

Laundry Bag

Not only does this bag hold your laundry, it tells you how to decipher all the laundry-care symbols. This bag is available at Circe/SWAG for $42.

Launder with Care Laundry Bag at Circe/SWAG for $42.

Launder with Care Laundry Bag, available at Circe/SWAG. $42.

Collapsible Shower Caddy

This is a shower caddy that is waterproof and folds up. It comes in several colors. Made by Baggallini and available for $49.95 at Celebrations.

Baggollini collapsible shower caddy at Celebrations for $49.95

Baggallini collapsible shower caddy, available at Celebrations. $49.95.


As my friend’s son says, “Cash is king.” Might as well put that cash in a cute card. Carmichael’s has the funniest cards — not all are as naughty as this one; some are much more inspirational.
sb grad gifts cards


If you are looking for an alternative to Oh, The Places You’ll Go, please go buy this wonderful book by Rudyard Kipling: If. It is actually a poem written in 1909 by Kipling for his then-12-year-old son, “who would die in battle a few short years later during World War I. The famous author’s words soon inspired a nation, and the poem has twice been voted Great Britain’s favorite.” Available at Carmichael’s Bookstore for $17.99.

If by Rudyard Kipling, available at Carmichael's Bookstore for $17.99.

If by Rudyard Kipling, available at Carmichael’s Bookstore. $17.99.

Congratulations to the Class of 2014. We wish you all the best!