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For years I have eaten food from Frank’s Meat & Produce without even knowing it. My brother-in-law always buys his meat there for our family parties. I’ve had the brats, hot dogs and burgers there and they are great. I had heard that they have a great lunch, with takeout sandwiches and hot plates. I decided to pay them a visit on one of our many snow days.

I rolled in with my interns, early, before 11:30 a.m. and there was one parking space left. There was also not one car that was not a truck and we were the only girls in the place. This reminds me of my BBQ joint down in Texas, where the only girls there make up the wait staff. My carnivore daughter looked at me and said, “I know I am going to love this place.” And indeed, she did.

sb franks meat market (4)
My car blended in just fine here.

It is a mini-market of sorts, with fresh and frozen meats, lots of sauces and condiments and produce.

sb franks meat market (10)
Great looking produce here.
sb franks meat market (2)
Hello, cowboy steak. Too bad my grill is iced shut.
sb franks meat market (11)
Frozen barbeque and soups.

The menu is old-school and I almost ordered a bologna sandwich on white, but I remembered that the turkey sandwich is beloved here, with freshly sliced turkey right off the bird. Here is the menu, along with the specials:

sb franks meat market (1)
Any place with a menu like this, with the stick-em-on letters is awesome in my book.
sb franks meat market (13)
Hot lunch menu.

We got the turkey sandwich and a pre-made Italian hoagie. We also got a Sloppy Joe and a 1/2 pound burger. We could barely wait until we got home, they smelled so good.

They did not disappoint.

sb franks meat market (7)
This Sloppy Joe was everyone’s favorite.
sb franks meat market (9)
The famous turkey sandwich is huge and reminds me of a good NYC deli.
sb franks meat market (6)
Italian sub
sb franks meat market (5)
1/2 pound burger was demolished in about five minutes.

Here was the best part: The bill. My HUGE sandwich was $2.99 and my son’s was $3.00. The hot sandwiches were under $5. This is cheaper than fast food, and delicious to boot.

sb franks meat market (8)
Lunch that doesn’t break the bank.

Frank’s Meat & Produce is located at 3342 Preston Highway. Visit them on Facebook here. We will definitely be back.

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