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“There is a lot of creative excitement here,” says Dwell and Good Art Director Dusty Emerick. He is referring to the relatively young company that is committed to creating beautiful interior environments and has a wide range of home décor offerings — vinyl rugs, removable wallpaper, placemats and specialty mats. “I’m very excited about our new line of easy-to-clean vinyl rugs,” he continues. “We have ready-to-go styles, plus customers can work with one of our designers to create a custom design. We want to make sure people get exactly what they need to transform their space.”

Vinyl floor mats, an easy-to-clean alternative to natural fiber rugs, are having a moment in the spotlight because folks like Dwell & Good are unveiling designs that rival traditional floor coverings. Area rugs, mats and runners are produced and designed in-house at Dwell and Good and feature contemporary prints, such as abstract impressionism, classic stripes and distressed Persian. The vinyl flooring is made with a phthalate-free, coated polyester with antimicrobial treatment. In short? It is non-toxic and low-maintenance. “Our vinyl rugs are new takes on an old idea of adding beauty while protecting your floors. The material is new. Plus, with continued advancements in printing technology, there is so much we can do with the design,” Dusty says.

As the art director, Dusty oversees the design and works with clients on custom projects. He is one of about 20 employees in the company, which has provided signs and interior solutions for churches, offices and nonprofits for almost 30 years. The company expanded its reach into residential décor about a year ago when Dwell and Good launched its current line of vinyl mats and wallpapers.

Dwell and Good floor accessory — vinyl runner

Nashville-based Dwell and Good designs and makes a selection of vinyl rugs, removable wallpaper, placemats and specialty mats, such as this runner. Image: Shane Johnson Photography

Dwell and Good floor accessory — area rug

Easy-to-clean and easy-on-the-eyes, vinyl rugs are a smart solution for high-traffic areas. The Aztec Band Rug shown here is available in three colors. Image: Swak Photography

Dwell and Good floor accessories are easily rolled up

The phthalate-free, coated polyester is an alternative to traditional fabric rugs. According to Dwell and Good, this family-friendly material feels more like linoleum with a thin pad. Add the function to your home and don’t risk ruining your wood floors. Image: Swak Photography

There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the rugs, but customers seem to favor the muted Persian designs above all else. Currently available in blue, gray, green, purple and rose gold, the pattern mimics a classic rug style. “The vinyl rugs (which, as a reminder, are not made of a fiber material) are easily cleaned and a simple way to add color and interest to a high-trafficked area of your home. Plus, they can quickly be changed out for different seasons or even different events,” explains Dusty. In addition to the four dozen patterns found online, the living room, dining room and kitchen floor coverings can be ordered in custom colorways, designs and sizes to match your interiors. The team works closely with interior designers and homeowners to find something that fits their space perfectly. Dusty emphasizes that “it is important for us to have a team that pays attention to your needs. We are responsive, and it is fun for us to meet your wants on a custom level. We enjoy meeting people and being a part of their home design while at the same time having a library of options you can choose from.”

Dwell and Good floor accessory — easy clean-up

All of the mats lay flat and are non-slip. They add function to your home without sacrificing style. Image: Swak Photography

Dwell and Good floor accessory — pet mat

As an owner of a 60-pound Goldendoodle, Dusty is a big believer in the pet mats. “He is still working on his manners, but the mats make cleanup easy,” he says.  Image: Swak Photography

Dwell and Good floor accessory — outdoor rug

The rugs work in indoor and outdoor areas, such as a covered patio or screened-in porch. If the rugs happen to get wet, simply wipe them dry. Image: Shane Johnson Photography

It doesn’t end there. Although the company’s frontrunner is the vinyl rugs, the pet food mats and wallpaper offer more simple solutions to style. Crafted from the same material as the rugs, the pet food mats help keep your doggy (or kitty) dining area clean. Semi-permanent wallpaper delivers the same attention-grabbing effect as the permanent kind, without the hassle. It is also non-toxic, mildew resistant and easy to wipe clean. In case one of the 38 designs don’t suit your style, you can always go custom.

Dwell and Good wallpaper

Take the pressure off deciding which wallpaper is right for your space by choosing something that is easily removable (and affordable). Although this wallpaper is easily removable (and won’t damage your walls), they do recommend hiring a professional for installation. Image: Swak Photography

Dwell and Good wallpaper

In addition to the online selection of wallpapers, the team can create something custom to match your home’s color palette. For rugs and wallpaper, it is typically a three to five-day turnaround time (once the design is decided upon). Image: Swak Photography

As the company continues to grow, you can expect to see more patterns and colors when it comes to rugs, placemats, pet mats, Christmas tree mats and wallpaper. You might even see pillows and lampshades in the near future.

Learn more about Dwell and Good and shop their rugs, placemats, pet mats, wallpaper and more at

This article is sponsored by Dwell and Good.

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