Above and beyond Derby time, horses are truly a lifestyle here in Kentucky. And horses are always in fashion. They have been since ancient times. The look I’m speaking about is not necessarily “cowboy,” but more like “equestrian chic.” It’s a less rustic and more modern, elegant aesthetic. If you need another visual, think riding boots instead of cowboy boots.

Because it’s Derby time, we’ve been featuring a plethora of smaller Derby and equine finds this month. But there’s also a trend towards horses for larger pieces of decor. Additionally, some people like to change their decor out for Derby time, hanging special art, changing out their dishes or displaying larger decorative items. And that’s what we’re talking about today.

First, we’ll show you the bigger picture of “equestrian chic” writ large in a room. Then, we’ll take a look at where you can buy the individual items of decor to get you started on your new look.


From the prints on the wall to the pillows and lamps, these rooms exude equestrian chic. Some are more traditional, while others are more modern, but all use the horse as the driving theme.

Equestrian Chic:
An entire horse room, from photos on the wall to decor | At Digs
Equestrian Chic:Horse painting, and silver riding trophies all permeate this room designed by Lee W. Robinson.
Horse painting and silver riding trophies make the Derby look permeate this room, which was designed by Lee W. Robinson. Image credit: Lee W. Robinson
Equestrian Chic:A classic library with equine art hung salon style.
A classic library with equine art hung salon style | Image credit: Obelisk Home
Equestrian Chic:Equestrian chic bedroom with riding boots by the bed, horseblankets and equine art all tastefully displayed.
This equestrian chic bedroom features riding boots by the bed, horse blankets and equine art, all tastefully displayed. Image credit: “Midwest Living”
Equestrian Chic: Beautiful horse mural along an entire wall.
Beautiful horse mural along an entire wall | Image credit: Elle Decor
Equestrian Chic:Den with horse art
This den features horse art and modern light fixtures. Image credit: Restoration Hardware
Equestrian Chic:
The beautiful horse print is the headlining piece in this neutral, modern dining room designed by Lee W. Robinson.
Equestrian Chic:Art in the bathroom-yes, please.
Art in the bathroom? Yes, please. Image credit: Will Shilling for capital-style.com


Art is a quick way to make a very powerful statement, as you have seen in the photos above. Here are some examples of equestrian art that you can buy locally.

Equestrian Chic:
Derby running painting by Tyler Robinson at Revelry Boutique Gallery for $280
Equestrian Chic:
“Grand Equine” painting at Merridian for $719
Equestrian Chic:
Paddock sign at Fleur de Lis for $84
Louisville Luxe Loves Spring 2015:
Hammered metal horse wall art at Two Chicks & Co. for $260


Like art, all dining pieces—from dishes to flatware—can make a big decorative impact, as well.

Equestrian Chic:

Gien horse plates at Dolfinger’s in Cavalier pattern; four dessert plates for $180. Other serving ware is also available.

Equestrian Chic:Horse plates all wrapped up in a pretty little bow at Digs
Horse plates all wrapped up in a pretty little bow at Digs for $45 for a set of four
Equestrian Chic: Equestrian Pewter Flatware
From Vagabond House, this is equestrian pewter flatware from saddle leather and stirrup details. One place setting is $175. Image credit: horseandhound.com


Besides your pillows, coasters and other horse finds that we profiled in our SB FINDS this month, here are some larger, more permanent pieces for your home.

Equestrian Chic:
Ceramic glazed horse head post at Louisville Stoneware for $375.
Equestrian Chic:
Horse head bookends at Work the Metal for $51
Equestrian Chic:
Horse lamp at Digs for $295
Equestrian Chic: Gymkhana wallpaper featuring jumping horses ad riders. Photo credit: Rockett St. George
Gymkhana wallpaper featuring jumping horses and riders | Image credit: Rockett St. George

Though many of these items shown are larger ticket items, they’re all bets you can’t lose. These items are quality, will last a lifetime and—like Derby—will never go out of style!


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