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As another group of high school graduates prepares for dorm life, students and parents may find themselves pondering ways to create quarters that are both comfortable and functional. Thankfully, the experts at Dorm Decor have solutions. They’ve been outfitting dorm rooms across the country for nearly a decade, incorporating everything from plush pillows and throws, to stylish furniture and custom art, to create cozy spaces for both studying and living.

Over the past year, more students have found themselves in a virtual classroom, further emphasizing the importance of comfortable dorm rooms that are conducive to learning. “Students want their rooms to be comfortable,” says Jennifer Cope of Dorm Decor. “They want it to be like their room at home. We can help them create their own little haven and not just a utilitarian dorm room.”

To do so, Dorm Decor offers some staples that make a dorm room feel especially cozy and comfortable. Here are some of the key components to purchase to ensure your college-bound kid is happy in their home away from home.

Beautiful + Functional Dorm Room Design

Console Tables

Dorm Decor’s console is a perfect example of a piece that seamlessly blends form and function. Available in white or “mountain house,” its clean lines and Lucite or silver handles offer an elegant means of storing a mini-fridge and microwave. Additional shelving provides room for snacks and other pantry items, while the large countertop has enough space for a coffee bar and table lamps.

Dorm Decor white console

Dorm Decor’s console combines style and practicality seamlessly, keeping cords, appliances and snacks out of sight.

Console with snacks, drinks, mini-refrigerator & microwave

Available in white and “mountain house,” the console comes in both small ($629) and large ($659) sizes.


In an effort to further increase comfort, Dorm Decor has also extended the size of its headboards this year. This provides more room for students to rest their heads, and it helps create a more elevated look in the room as a whole. “We added seven inches to the top of our headboard,” explains Carolyn Greene of Dorm Decor. “There’s more fabric, and it’s a statelier design. It gives the bed more presence.” The headboards, which are available in a variety of sizes, also come in more than two dozen colors and patterns. “Soft gray velvet” or “flax oatmeal” are great choices for a more neutral space, while an assortment of animal prints and nailhead options add a bit of a pop.

Silver cheetah-patterned headboard from Dorm Decor

Dorm Decor’s headboards include different attachment methods to cover all styles of dorm beds, including legs with two adjustable height settings. You can find this silver cheetah headboard for $259 HERE.

Dutch Euro Pillows

As far as accessories for the bed itself, the Dutch Euro pillows continue to be a popular pick. Made especially for Dorm Decor, the pillow is crafted with a premium fill and covered in a forgiving linen and rayon blend, or a plush, washable velvet or faux suede. Available in 16 fabrics, the fashionable favorite can also be monogrammed, and it’s sure to be a beloved piece for years.

When Jennifer went shopping for her son’s Washington and Lee University dorm room many years ago, a Dutch Euro was his one requirement. “He said, ‘Mom, I don’t care what is on my bed, as long as I get a Dutch Euro,’” she recalls. “He knew how great they were. After his freshman year, he got rid of nearly everything in his room — the only thing he brought home was his Dutch Euro.”

Young girl laying with multiple Dutch Euro pillows

The large Dutch Euro pillows are perfect for support during late-night study sessions or relaxing after a long day of classes. Find them in 16 fabrics HERE for $219.

Banded Bolsters

Dorm Decor’s newest bedding accessory is the banded bolster. The narrow, velvet cushions offer arm and back support, and, with monograms on the optional band, they are a sleek, personalized addition to any bed setup. “They’re new this year, and we’re seeing a lot of interest in them,” says Sue Register of Dorm Decor. “They’re a great way to add color to a room, and with the monogram, some personality. It really adds a sophisticated touch.”

Gold banded bolster from Dorm Decor on bed

Available in six colors with over 10 banding options, the banded bolster is the latest addition to Dorm Decor’s bed accessory lineup. Find this one in “lunar ivory velvet” HERE, starting at $56.

Original Artwork

Original art, produced exclusively for Dorm Decor, further boosts that refined look. “We’re working with Southern artists to create original pieces for us,” explains Martha Elliott of Dorm Decor. “They work with our colors and styles. Some pieces are one-of-a-kind or custom ordered, and others are screen-printed on new canvasses and touched up on the edges.” The canvasses are often used as a focal point in the space, or roommates will get complementary pieces to hang opposite each other over their beds. Custom artwork provides that personal touch that really completes a room.

“We’ve got a couple of artists who know the trends,” Martha says. “For example, butterflies are big right now, so the artist created a butterfly piece using colors that work for Dorm Decor — blues, pinks, purples, and gold. It would make a room pop.”

The art is available in a range of sizes; pieces can be ordered as small as 6-by-6 inches or up to 30-by-40 inches. Some of the artwork reflects areas of well-known college campuses in the South — such as the University of Mississippi or Auburn University — or scenes and images that are currently popular with the college crowd. “Something new this year,” Martha adds, “is that one of our artists is creating personalized pieces with various sayings. ‘Hotty Toddy,’ for example, is an Ole Miss saying, or there’s ‘Go Dawgs’ for Mississippi State or UGA.” Customers can now order such personalized artwork online, specifying their school’s sayings and colors or opting to swap out hues to complement their dorm room color scheme.

Diva artwork

Dorm Decor’s original artwork adds a personalized, colorful touch to any dorm room. This piece, titled “Diva Duo” and measuring 10-by-20 inches, can be found HERE for $150.

Original artwork of Auburn University, Ole Miss and University of Alabama from Dorm Decor

Show your school spirit with artwork that reflects areas of popular Southern universities. Find these small 6-by-6-inch paintings of Auburn University, Ole Miss, and University of Alabama HERE for $35.

Complete, Stylish Collections

For soon-to-be students who aren’t sure where to start and don’t yet have a color scheme selected, Dorm Decor also offers full collections — carefully curated pieces to create a comfy and cohesive look. From the Tie-Dye Green collection, which is full of fresh white and bright green, to the Wrangler collection, which boasts navy hues and wooden tones, there is sure to be something for every dorm dweller.

Texas Chic Collection from Dorm Decor

From pillows and bed skirts to drapes and ottomans, Dorm Decor’s full dorm room collections offer everything you need to create a comfortable and cohesive space. Pictured here is the Texas Chic collection.

Ready to shop these pieces and more stylish items from Dorm Decor? Visit dorm-decor.com.

This article is sponsored by Dorm Decor. All photography provided.