Owning a dog has many benefits, the greatest of which is companionship. It’s always hard leaving them for a vacation, and heck, it’s hard leaving them at home when it’s time to head off to work. Here is some good news, though: You don’t always have to leave your dog behind when you step out for dinner. We scoured the city and found some some restaurants around town where your four-legged friend is welcome to come hang out with you. Today’s post is a great one to bookmark so you always know these 11 dog friendly restaurants in Louisville!

Pet Friendly Restaurant Patios in Louisville
This t-shirt is available at Three Dog Bakery in Chenoweth Square.

1. Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

Molly Malone’s is one of the most popular spots in town to grab a beer and watch the game. While your dog can’t come inside with you, the outdoor seating areas provide a great atmosphere to enjoy dinner. We hear the servers will even bring your pup their own water bowl. mollymalonesirishpub.com

Pet Friendly Restaurant Patios in Louisville
Molly Malone’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

2. Dizzy Whizz

Dizzy Whizz has been serving up traditions in Old Louisville for over 60 years, and not much has changed. With their counter seating, outdoor sitting space, and convenient curbside service, you won’t have to leave your dog’s side to enjoy their famous WhizzBurger. dizzywhizz.com

Pet Friendly Restaurant Patios in Louisville
This painting available at Colonial Designs.

3. The Cheddar Box

The Cheddar Box  is one of Louisville’s best lunch destinations. And good news is, the dogs can come along. There is limited seating outside the cafe, but after you finish your sandwich, you can take a short stroll down the way to Three Dog Bakery and get some treats and swag for your dog. cheddarboxcafe.com

Pet Friendly Restaurant Patios in Louisville
The Cheddar Box Cafe

4. Dairy Kastle

The popular walk-up ice cream spot is a staple of summertime in Louisville. It’s also the perfect place for your pup. What’s better than taking your dog on a walk and making a stop at DK. There is always a water bowl set out for pups and there is even an option for a dog sundae. dairykastle.com

Pet Friendly Restaurant Patios in Louisville
Dairy Kastle

5. Please and Thank You

One of the nicest spots in town. I mean, the name itself is so polite, and the service lives up to it too. While pets aren’t allowed inside for health code reasons, they are more than welcome to hang out with you in the outdoor seating areas as you enjoy your cup of coffee or bakery item. pleaseandthankyoulouisville.com

sb please and thank you
Please and Thank You

6. The Comfy Cow

This Louisville favorite is a popular option to cool off in the summer months. The Westport Village location offers plenty of outdoor seating for your pup to soak in the sun as you enjoy a scoop or two of ice cream. An added bonus is the concert series the venue holds every summer. thecomfycow.com

Pet Friendly Restaurant Patios in Louisville
The Comfy Cow

7. Sunergos Coffee

This coffee shop welcomes customers, both human and canine. A jar of dog treats is kept full for any four-legged friend to enjoy while their human sips on some coffee. sunergoscoffee.com

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (14)
Sunergos Coffee

8. El Camino

Next time you get a craving for some Mexican, your dog can come along. While sitting in the outdoor seating area, your dog can experience the atmosphere, decor and feel transported to Mexico for an hour while you eat your meal. elfreakingcamino.com

Pet Friendly Restaurant Patios in Louisville
El Camino

9. The Anchorage Cafe

What can be better than a place that serves breakfast all day? Bringing your dog along with you. After eating your meal in the outdoor courtyard, take a short walk with your pup to Anchorage Trails for some exercise and fun. theanchoragecafe.com

Pet Friendly Restaurant Patios in Louisville
Dog figurine available at Colonial Designs.

10. Starbucks

Dogs are more than welcome to accompany their humans for their daily cup of joe here. Next time you place your order, ask for a “Puppachino,” which is simply a cup of steamed milk or whipped cream, for your dog to enjoy while you both relax outside on the patio. starbucks.com

Pet Friendly Restaurant Patios in Louisville

11. Heine Brothers

Heine Brothers is another local spot where dogs are more than welcome. While they can’t accompany you inside the store, the patio area outside is a great spot for both dogs and their humans to take in the sunshine and enjoy some coffee. heinebroscoffee.com

Pet Friendly Restaurant Patios in Louisville
Heine Brothers

Enjoy these eleven great patios. We know your dog sure will!

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