I know you may not have your Oaks and Derby dress yet, but I know you are thinking about it.  You are pulling a few dresses up from the bench, getting them ready to play.  You have your eyes peeled every time you go out shopping or are looking at a magazine or are reading my Derby Fashion show posts.  So, “A” for effort ladies.  The thought has crossed your mind.

Let me tell you whose mind the thought of an outfit has not crossed: your man.

I do think outfit planning crossed their mind. I think I will post this picture every year, it never gets old.


In our house, it used to be the same every year. We have about 20 minutes before we have to leave. I have changed my outfit four times because of weather. Husband is walking around closet looking for anything pink to wear because Oaks is pink day and guess who doesn’t have anything pink. The Tommy Hilfiger tie from college does not count. In fact, nothing from when Clinton was president is going to work (please throw the braided leather belt and red suspenders away).

I’ve been heading these “moments” off at the pass the past couple of years and just buying things in advance. A tie here. A shirt there. A pocket square here. A bow tie there. Every little belt helps. It helps the whole family dynamic, ladies. 

I moseyed over to The Fashion Post, a casual trip with no commitments. Just a lookin’.  I had Bob Bayersdorfer and Jennifer VanVactor set a few things out for me to ponder.

Here’s what I learned: You don’t have to buy the whole kit and kaboodle to have a great look for Oaks or Derby.  Just aim for a new tie and let him wear his trusty navy sport coat and nice khakis. Painless.

Good to go.


Assorted 100% silk bow ties by R. Hanauer and Vineyard Vines, $49.50-$65.


Assorted 100% silk long ties by R. Hanauer and Vineyard Vines, starting at $95.

Lots of both kinds of ties to pick from.

These “High Cotton” all cotton handmade bowties from North Carolina can BE WASHED. The company was started by a doctor’s mother who wanted to create a bowtie for a son that she could wash for him, to ward off germs.  Voila.  And, many of them have different patterns on each side, so you could wear it many different ways.

These are all cotton bow ties that you can wash.

4 different sides.  “High Cotton” bow tie on top for $55.  Silk bow tie on bottom for $65.

Now you might already have a Derby tie, but do you have a pocket square? This is a small way to make a big impact and very finished look. Cotton pocket squares are $20, silk ones are $65.

And a pocket square is a must. 

So, you are already there, might as well look around. A seersucker suit epitomizes Derby and as Bob says, “The suit is the cheapest thing you will buy the entire day.”  Seersucker suits are surprisingly affordable, under $300. So that makes them cheaper than your tickets or your drinks or your bets. And you have it forever, not just 12 hours.

The whole look–seersucker suit.  This Haspel Cotton Seersucker suit retails for $295.

If you can’t commit to the suit, but want to be a little more festive, try these.  You could wear them to the Derby with a blazer or to a party with a button-down shirt.

Embroidered pants. Bottle of bourbon does not fit in the pocket.

Ribbon belt to go with your pants?  Only $40, so go ahead and throw that one in your shopping bag  too.  You can wear this again and again with shorts, with trousers-great for the summer.

How about a ribbon belt?

I’m not saying that Louisvillians bring in their own alcohol to the track, however, I am saying that you can do it in something nicer than your flask from college or a ziploc bag.

Jockey Silk needlepoint flask for your bourbon, $65.

And lastly, if you really want a couple nice finishing touches for your man, give him something he can wear to one of the black-tie events you might attend.

Pink ribbon formal bowtie.


Enamel jockey cap cufflinks, $75.

Now that you are done shopping.  Just casually keep these things in the bag in his closet.  When the time arises, you can just pull them out of your magic hat.  Then maybe for the first time ever, you will leave on time for the track.

You’re welcome men.

I leave you with this.  This might be taking the “buy a new tie for your man” a little too far.  But a nice nod to the Colonel, nonetheless.

A big thank you too to The Fashion Post for my private Derby fashion show.  They are located at 2420 Lime Kiln Lane and can be reached at 423-6700 or by clicking here.