I had the privilege of attending three Derby Fashion Shows this month:  The Derby Fashion Show at Westport Village, the CaloSpa Annual Winning Looks Derby Event and the Kentucky Derby Festival Spring Fashion Show.

I took copious notes and pictures and now I’m going to give you the highlights reel of what I saw.

Let’s kick it off with my favorite bugler doing his Call to the Post before the Derby Fashion Show at Westport Village.  Always puts chills down my spine hearing this.

The bugler from Churchill Downs kicks off the Westport Village show.


Some of my favorite looks:

Derby Fashion Show at Westport Village

Dress from Chartreuse.


Loved this nautical stripe look from the front.


But this old mare isn’t fitting into the back portion.


Another lovely from Serendipity.

Models with orange/red lips. Love the pink fascinator and ponytail.


That’s a wrap ladies!


CaloSpa Annual Winning Looks Derby Event:

I got to model a lovely Milly dress from Clodhoppers for this event.  It is so great getting your  hair and makeup done and watching everyone get ready.  What a behind the scenes treat.

Madame Foo Foo fixing a hat.


Me in the Milly dress and necklace by Coquettish Designs with friend Carmela Meade.  Photo courtesy of nFocus.

Carrie Smith and Holly Houston. Incredible hats and fascinators from Madame Foo Foo. Photo courtesy of nFocus.


My favorite color green on this Reba McEntire look-a-like. Dress from Rodes.


Look how cute the Blink girls are.



Kentucky Derby Festival Spring Fashion Show

Horseshoe Casino

After two smaller shows, it was a shock to my system to attend the Kentucky Derby Festival’s Spring Fashion Show at Horseshoe Casino.  It was quite a production with jumbo trons and lots of behind the scenes videos running the entire night.  My favorite fashions are the blazers worn by the Kentucky Derby Festival board members.

They’re back! Kentucky Derby Festival Board members in their jackets. Photo courtesy of the Courier-Journal.  Check out Marita Willis’ beautiful fascinator.


This is a huge fashion show at Horseshoe Casino.


Dress from Dress and Dwell.  Photo courtesy of the Voice Tribune.


Fuschia dress, yellow fascinator, turquoise cuff. Photo courtesy of the Voice Tribune.

Coral dress. Photo courtesy of the Courier Journal.


Did you feel like you were there with me?

Two big trends I noticed across the board:

1.  Color

Dresses in orange, coral, yellow, green, royal blue and teal.  Fascinators in the bright colors as well; they never match the dresses, but rather are an  opposing color.  Lots of narrow belts in color.

Bright yellow flowey dress.

2. Nude shoes

Them’s some high heels.

I saw shooties (shoe/bootie combo), platforms, nude patent leather, just about everything (refer to above pics)…but never in black or a color, always nude.  It lengthens the leg and matches your bright dress.  If you try to match your brightly colored dress with your shoes  you end up looking like a bad bridesmaid.  Go nude.  Well, just for the shoe at least.


Two darkhorse trends:  (meaning I saw them, but not sure if they are winners or not)


1. Mullet dresses and skirts

No other way for me to describe them; shorter in the front, longer in the back.  Quite the opposite of the hairstyle where it’s called “work in the front, party in the back,”  this would be more “party in the front, work in the back.”


Le Mullet (pronounced Mu-Lay) dress from Collections.  Great nude patent leather slingbacks.

2.  Rompers

Pants to Derby?  Yes, but your shirt is attached.  Cute ones out there definitely, but um, think about when you need to use the loo ladies:  you have to strip down entirely.


Romper time from Collections.


Still looking for that Derby outfit?  Stop by the Friends of StyleBlueprint Consignment sale today from 9am-6pm at 87 Wampum Road for a great selection of dresses, skirts, shoes, purses and even Derby Hats.


Now, off to study my horses…