Go into any shop around the historic town of La Grange, Kentucky, and you will see this sign, La Grange: A Train Runs Through It. 

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It will take a minimal amount of time before you realize why.


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Up to 30 times a day, a train runs through La Grange. It runs right through the middle of town, and it pays no heed to cars, people or movement. 

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My interns thought the decibel level was a little high.

La Grange has a historic main street and a town square that resemble something out of a perfect movie. Town hall is located in the middle of town, with two officers standing guard at the front steps and a gazebo on the side. 


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Its most recognizable feature is an old-fashioned Main Street, complete with well-kept planters and big American flags hanging every few feet, which are big enough to hang over the street but not too big to get in the train’s way. 


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This is a walking town, with no real need to drive anywhere. People visit and meet and talk, like normal folks do. Or used to do before the smartphone was invented. Main Street is the epicenter of town. Each building has a past and the city has stayed true to that past. New stores are in many of these buildings now, and you can still see the old bones of the buildings past. 


This sidewalk painting pays homage The Bank of Oldham County.

Visiting La Grange makes for a great day trip. Only about 20 miles out of town off I-71, and just a short three mile jaunt off the freeway headed north. This feels like a town that your grandparents would say they grew up in, without the sordid details of having to walk uphill both ways in the snow.

There is much to do here. My perfect day here would start with a late morning cup of coffee at La Grange Roasters, where they roast their own coffee, or Karen’s Book Barn & Java Stop

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Karen of Karen’s Book Barn & Java Stop is whipping up an expresso drink.

Then I would get lost in the books at the Book Barn for about an hour, just reading whatever I wanted. 

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The Book Barn sells both new and used books.


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Hours and hours of reading material here.

I’d do a little shopping at 1887 Corner Store, the Treasured Child, Blooms and all the other numerous shops on Main Street. 

1887 Corner store is just that, the store on the corner, with beautiful gifts, décor and accessories.  


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Definite equestrian theme at 1887 Corner Store.

The Treasured Child is a most familiar local toy store, with a wonderful selection of old-fashioned and new toys. 


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Blooms is a florist and home décor store; great for shopping for home decor and picking up a bouquet of flowers. 


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I want the entire menu of flowers at Blooms.


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Be sure to stop by the Friends & Fiber and maybe you will be as fortunate as I was to join the Hookers that meet there from 10 – 12pm on Wednesdays.


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While I have no idea how to knit, I would love to just sit at the table and listen to these funny ladies and watch while they work their magic.

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I love these baby mug shots lining the walls.

Hungry for lunch? You can go to one of several places, such as 119 West Main, The Irish Rover II, and Serendipity just to name a few. All are good and come highly recommended by the locals.


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As you walk through the town, notice the attention to detail around town. 

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Street bench with The Train carved into it.

Whether it is a train bench, an old sidewalk painting, a planter or a secret garden, it’s the little spots of careful tending that made me appreciate this town and the people here even more. 

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Secret garden passageway behind Serendipity.


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A cute planter.

The people who call La Grange home are proud of their town.


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After lunch, head on over to the Oldham County Historical Society, which also looks like something out of a movie set. They are having an exhibition right now entitled “Saving the Printed Word,” with documents dating back to the Civil War on display.


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On your way out of town, do not miss Q&A Sweet Treats. Owner Andrea Essenpreis makes some of the best looking cakes and cupcakes.


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Be sure to notice the way she has decorated her place, with antique rolling pins and utensils lining the walls. Charming!


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Grab a cupcake for your drive home and some treats to go for your family.

La Grange is a perfect day trip with your family or your girlfriends. I have to say, everyone I met there was truly so friendly and so excited to talk about La Grange. What a gem in Kentucky!

To take a virtual tour, check out this website: www.shopmainstreets.com/ky/lagrange.