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The Woodard family is on a mission to cultivate. They’re cultivating the distinctive comfort of natural cotton products grown and made in the USA. They’re cultivating relationships that encourage exploration of the beauty of agriculture. And they’re cultivating a cause that shares their heart and spreads hope. Get to know the family behind Woodard Farms — and your new favorite blanket. Meet Covered In Cotton!

“These days, it’s very rare to find a cotton product that has been grown and made here in the USA,” says Tracy Woodard, Founder and Co-Owner of Covered In Cotton. “Our 100% cotton products are locally grown on our family farm and crafted exclusively in the Carolinas.” Woodard Farms was started by Frank Woodard (Tracy’s husband Ty’s grandfather) in 1962. Three generations later, the Woodard family continues to harvest not only cotton but also corn, soybeans, peanuts, cucumbers, and beef cattle to both feed the world and offer a soft and cozy American cotton hug.

Woodard family on their family farm

The Woodard family has farmed in Darlington, SC, for three generations. Pictured here: Ty and Tracy with their children Tyson, Tate, and Tobin. Image: Mike Baker

Tracy and her family are passionate about sharing the wonder and truth of agriculture. “Our responsibility to the land, the resources, and our community is something we take very seriously as we work to implement the most efficient and responsible agricultural practices,” Tracy continues. This means that the Woodard family takes on the brunt and responsibility of each passing season. Long days planting and harvesting, the destruction or abundance that weather brings, and working through ever-changing successes and setbacks are simply their way of life. As Tracy and Ty work to raise the fourth generation of Woodard farmers, they’re invested in building upon their family legacy and offering a haven of family, faith, and farm for generations to come.

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Tracy and Ty are devoted to spreading that legacy far beyond their own family. By weaving together agricultural appreciation, an unbreakable family bond, and a good dose of grit, Tracy and Ty began their Covered In Cotton journey in December 2017. After finding the right local businesses to work with among countless ups and downs, Covered In Cotton was officially launched in November 2018. “We can trace the cotton used in our products directly back to not just the field it was grown in, but also through each local business we partner with along its journey to a finished product,” Tracy tells us. From the conception of Covered In Cotton, Tracy and Ty were on a mission to invest in American small businesses to make their company as local as possible.

100% cotton throw in Woodard Farms

Woodard Farms harvests cotton (as well as other crops and beef cattle) to create 100% cotton throws and baby blankets. Image: Tracy Woodard

Tracy and Ty Woodard at Woodard Farms

“Our responsibility to the land, the resources, and our community is something we take very seriously as we work to implement the most efficient and responsible agricultural practices,” explains Tracy Woodard. Image: Mike Baker

Covered In Cotton throws at Woodard Farms

Each Covered In Cotton throw and baby blanket travels 500 miles and touches at least six small businesses in the Carolinas before being shipped to you. Image: Tracy Woodard

First, cotton is harvested on Woodard Farms in Darlington, South Carolina. Then, it is ginned at S.P. Coker Cotton Gin in Hartsville, SC. Once ginned, the cotton makes its way to Hill Spinning in Thomasville, North Carolina, where it is spun into yarn. That yarn is then plied together in Hickory, North Carolina, at Shuford Mills. From there, it is woven into fabric and throws at Weavetec in Blacksburg, South Carolina. Lastly, the baby blankets and throws are hand-cut and sewn (with a 100% cotton label) at Craig Industries in Lamar, South Carolina. These Carolina-made blankets make their penultimate travel back to the Covered In Cotton facility where they’re packaged and shipped all over the world.

Covered In Cotton throws

Shop Covered In Cotton throws and baby blankets on SB Shop, here. Image: Mike Baker

Covered In Cotton Throws

The SB Shop carries four Covered In Cotton throws and four Covered In Cotton baby blankets. Shop here. Image: Tracy Woodard

Close up of Covered In Cotton 'William' Baby Blanket

Each and every Covered In Cotton stitch is thoughtful and handcrafted. Shop ‘The William’ baby blanket here. Image: Mike Baker

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The Covered In Cotton team doesn’t stop there. In 2015, the Woodards’ son Tobin was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis at just 3 months old. He spent 35 days in the children’s hospital in Columbia, South Carolina, and underwent emergency brain surgery on his very first Christmas Eve. “The first nurse we met when Tobin was admitted to the PICU, Ali, gave us a gift — a blanket,” Tracy shares, “It was a practical gift for ‘living’ in a cold and uncomfortable hospital room, but even more, it was an incredible reminder of how the Lord had covered our family and blessed us during that difficult season.”

This experience inspired their ‘Cotton With a Cause’ mission that allows them to donate one throw to a local children’s hospital for every 10 sold. Today, their sweet Tobin is a healthy 5-year-old boy, and the Woodard family has donated more than 630 throws to five South Carolina Children’s Hospitals in Columbia, Florence, Charleston, and Greenville.

Tobin with Covered In Cotton 'The Tobin' Throw

A healthy and happy 5-year-old Tobin with his namesake ‘The Tobin’ throw. Shop this throw here. Image: Tracy Woodard

Covered In Cotton celebrates all that we love about the South, small businesses, and family. They’re committed to the quality of their work, their legacy, and their products. They’re loyal to their community and to supporting local businesses, and they’re dedicated to spreading hope and giving back to the medical communities that saved their son’s life. That’s why we are thrilled to have Covered In Cotton on SB Shop. Four throws and four baby blankets are available, including best-sellers, ‘The Tate,’ ‘The Tobin,’ and ‘The William.’ We are honored to host this Southern brand on SB Shop, and we hope their story inspires you to treasure the artistry of authentic American cotton.


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