I know you want to consign some of your clothes. I just know it. But the thought of going in your closet to find those wonderful consignable items is too much to bear.

See, I’m you. I look in my closet and see dresses of all shapes and sizes. Dresses with tags on them that never quite fit right, and they still don’t and never will. Dresses that are WAAY to small. Dresses that are too big (not many of those these days). Shoes that don’t fit right and I only wore them once. Purses that I thought I would use but really didn’t. Derby hats. Oooh the Derby Hats… they are everywhere.

Hi, my name is Heidi Potter and I’m a clothes hoarder

Okay I'm not this bad, but this picture makes me feel a little better.

Now your turn.  Say this sentence out loud. 

Hi, my name is <insert your name here> and I’m a clothes hoarder.

Now, I know there might be five or six of you out there (my mother being one) to whom this description does not apply.  But, in my defense (yours too) everything I bought in my closet has a story. I won’t bore you with the details, but if I wasn’t so sentimental I’d have a closet like this. 

Okay, I admit, I’m not that sentimental, I’m really just lazy.

Perfect closet. Yep, never gonna happen. I mean who has empty shoe cubbies??

I honestly do not want to clean out my closet because then I have to really clean it, and organize it, and go buy all new rubbermaids, and vacuum spots that have never seen my Mr. Dyson. And that will take days. Okay, maybe not. What if I just pulled out the stuff that I didn’t wear anymore? The nice stuff and just left everything else in my organized chaos. 

 I’m not asking for a closet re-do, just the things you don’t wear. Do it quickly, like pulling off a band-aid. 

Then let someone else love your things so you can buy things that you love.

Recently I helped clean out a friend’s closets (that would be three closets). We didn’t clean them, we just purged them. It was heart-wrenching. There were promises made. There was emotional bargaining. There was the clutching of hearts. Maybe a tad of hyperventilation. But, it only took an hour. 


Lookie loo what we found in her closet to sell.  All of it is nice.  She just doesn’t wear it.


Milly Yellow Dress--Yellow is such a popular color this Spring.

Tibi with the tags on.

Worth Leopard jacket

Nanette Lepore Beaded and Embroidered Sweater

Alice & Trixie Sweater Dress

Haute Hippie sequin dress.

Ralph Lauren trench.

 Well, I did leave one thing as is. This is where I stopped asking questions.

Feather boa left on the floor.

Feeling inspired? I’m accepting consignments now. You can just drop them off to me or we can schedule a time to pick them up. The week of the sale, I will be having drop-off  times every day at my house. 

I’ll help you sort, I’ll help you price, and I’ll help convince you that the dress with the tags that you haven’t worn in two years will sell. 

Let me guide you to your other inspiration, Blessings in a Backpack, our charity partner. Did you know that $80 feeds one child for an entire year on this program? If you buy a ticket to the Early Bird Party on Thursday April 19 from 6-9pm, all of the proceeds from those tickets will go to feed these children.  Tickets will be $80 each.  So you go to the party, get to buy clothes first and you have fed a child for an entire year.  Simple as that.

Regular shopping will be on Friday April 20 from 9am-6pm. This is an open shopping day, feel free to bring your friends.

Let’s make this first Friends of StyleBlueprint Sale a success. It all starts with cleaning your closet (just a little bit).

Email me if you are interested in consigning or if you need a closet pep-talk, at [email protected] or by clicking here.