It’s Christmas Eve and we hope that all of your work is done. It’s probably just beginning, but that’s no reason not to stop for a break and take a little drive tonight or any night this weekend and check out all of the great Christmas lights in Louisville. We’ve been loving the neighborhoods all lit up for the season and we know you will, too. Pour a cup of eggnog, sit back and enjoy this visual light tour.

Cherokee Road

christmas houses

Blue columns, red bows and icicles

Christmas Houses

This was by far the best holiday house on Cherokee Road.

Christmas Houses

Lights galore on every level of this beautiful home

 Christmas Houses

Candles and an outside Christmas tree

Cherokee Gardens

Christmas Houses

This porch is divine, even without lights.

Christmas Houses

This charming bungalow looks like a gingerbread house!

Christmas Houses

We love all the colors of lights at this home.

Christmas Houses

This house positively glows.

StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, Cherokee Gardens

This giant wreath!

Christmas Houses

Hey there, Santa.

Fourth Street Live

StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, 4th Street Live

Fourth Street Live is always lit up, but during the holidays, it is extra special.

 Christmas Houses, 4th Street Live

Fleur de lis and snowflakes hang over the road.

StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, 4th Street Live

Lights Over Louisville is great display of lights through the whole holiday season.

Norton Commons

Norton Commons always has the holiday spirit, and the way the neighborhood is laid out, you can stroll around and look at lights while you shop, eat and drink. What a perfect night.

StyleBlueprint Holiday Houses | Norton Commons3

This Norton Commons house has lights strung all the way up the tall, tall branches of the tree. It makes a beautiful vertical line.

StyleBlueprint Holiday Houses | Norton Commons2

Multicolored lights are making a real comeback, and look especially great around a door.

StyleBlueprint Holiday Houses | Norton Commons1

This was one of the best houses in Norton Commons right off the town center.

Rudy Lane

This is always a favorite to watch, from the time they start decorating until the end, with every single branch being lit up on the tree. It is a delight to gaze at this beautiful, big, lit tree as you sit in traffic at Brownsboro Road and Rudy Lane.

StyleBlueprint Holiday Houses | Brownsboro Road

One of our favorite holiday traditions — at the corner of Brownsboro Road and Rudy Lane sits this big tree that is always decked out in colorful lights.

Owl Creek

Owl Creek must have a holiday lights decorating contest, because every single house on the main drag is lit up. And not just a few lights on the bushes either, we’re talking lots and lots of lights and an electric bill to match. Even the inflatables are huge on this street. It’s a long street and worth taking a drive through the neighborhood to gaze at the houses aglow.

StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, Owl Creek

There were many decked-out houses in Owl Creek, but this one took the cake. We have three different views to show you this lighting extravaganza.

StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, Owl Creek

A close-up of the inflatable, which is nearly two stories tall.


StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, Owl Creek

The side view of the best decorated Owl Creek house


StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, Owl Creek

A classic example of beautiful holiday lights in Owl Creek


StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, Owl Creek

A lovely display of candy cane lights

christmas lights Louisville

Bushes done, candy cane lights and lit reindeer — everything is covered here.


Foxboro is another neighborhood that has impressive displays, with residents taking a lot of time to plan and arrange their lighting.

christmas lights Louisville

Again, the multicolored lights, coupled with some great landscape lighting, really make this house shine.

christmas lights Louisville

Here’s a colorful scene of lights in Foxboro, where even the landscape lighting is red or green.

Crescent Hill

Crescent Hill is a go-to for all things holiday. All of the houses that decorate for Halloween also decorate to the nines for Christmas.

StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, Blackburn Avenue

The famous 219 Blackburn Ave. house that decorates for all holidays

StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, Blackburn Avenue

Side view of 219 Blackburn Ave.

StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, Blackburn Avenue

219 Blackburn Ave.’s neighbors

christmas lights Louisville

Decorated porch, upstairs windows and walkway on this Crescent Hill house

StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, Crescent Hill

Those fa-la-la snowmen!

christmas lights Louisville

Now that’s a nativity scene!

StyleBlueprint Louisville | Christmas Houses, Hillcrest Avenue

We are trying to remember what this Hillcrest Avenue home looked like for Halloween, because you know it was decorated!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

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