I bet when I say Burlap, you think of this:

Girl in the piggy tails is getting some serious air in her potato sack. 

So besides being used for potatoes, or coffee, or possibly to stop erosion on sides of hills, let’s think about using this most utilitarian of products in home decor.  Even Holiday Decor is cute in burlap.  I promise.

Let’s start with what you could do yourself.  Here’s what gave me the idea–Lindsey from StyleBlueprint Memphis did her Thanksgiving tablecloth in burlap.


StyleBlueprint Memphis shows off a burlap tablecloth for Thanksgiving and jute ties on her napkins.

This was a DIY project, and since burlap is about $3.99 a yard, you really cannot mess it up.  Just measure, cut and cover your own table.

Burlap in the “raw” sold in reams at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s.

Who knew it came in all these colors?  Hobby Lobby had the plain jute color, dark green, orange, chocolate brown, charcoal gray and black in big reams.  They also sell “jute” cording that is great for ties or bows.  FYI: burlap is made from the jute plant.  Jute is the more “raw” material that they use for rope, cords etc.  Inquiring minds wanted to know that.


Remember my post about Urban Farmhouse Market?  It is full of burlap items and they cut and use burlap in all sorts of creative ways.

Burlap bow on Fleur de Lis at Urban Farmhouse Market

Cut burlap into a tie for your place setting at Urban Farmhouse Market.

Even makes a plain vase fancy.

This cute vase courtesy of Blondie ‘N’ SC

So for the holidays, what do you think about using plain ol’ brown burlap as your base, instead of just red and green?  It’s a hard sell, I know.  I think these Holiday decorations might change your mind.

Burlap tree with fabric ties at Urban Farmhouse Market

Burlap tree skirt with red and white striped cording at Urban Farmhouse Market.

Tin and burlap drink tub at Urban Farmhouse Market

Decorate your tree with a burlap topper and ribbon.

Burlap wreath available on Etsy. Click on picture for purchase information.

Burlap stockings and fireplace cover at Urban Farmhouse Market.

Jute tree at Hobby Lobby.

Burlap tied wreath

Nativity Scene made of Burlap

There are still 11 remaining months to decorate with burlap.  I’ve got you covered here.

Burlap lampshades on mercury glass lamps at Pottery Barn.

Burlap print at Urban Farmhouse Market

Table skirt.

Throw pillows.

And last but not least:  A little burlap for you to carry around.

Little bags at Hobby Lobby.

Burlap tote at Hobby Lobby. This is the Tory Burch of Hobby Lobby totes.

Not just plain ol’ brown anymore, is it?

Better than wearing a paper sack?  Well, maybe not.  This is the closest I will come to wearing burlap:

TOMS burlap shoe.

This…not so much. (But Rachel, still know I am your number one fan)

Rachel Zoe –Image via cortneygirl.onsugar.com