For Christmas decor, most of us typically think in terms of red and green. Maybe white? Maybe silver or gold? Or if you are like me, a hodgepodge of whatever comes out of the Christmas storage boxes.

Let me introduce you to blue as your color scheme for Christmas. Specifically, blue and white chinoiserie. This way, you can take what you already have and give it a holiday spin.


Mantels are hard. Too many decorations and they look ridiculous. Too few and they look like Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Here’s the just right solution: Take your ginger jars, candlesticks, vases, whatever you have, and gather them together on the mantel. Pair with gold, red, green or white accents and you have a decorated mantel.

Image credit: Chinoiserie Chic

Home of Christopher Hyland. Image credit: Chinoiserie Chic

Image credit: Chinoiserie Chic

Chinoiserie paired with tartan is gorgeous. Image credit: Chinoiserie Chic 

Side Tables

Decorating a side table is similar to a mantel. Gather all of your porcelain in one spot. Introduce greenery into the equation and voila! If possible, add greenery under an open side table for extra effect.


Miles Redd’s house. Image credit: Chinoiserie Chic.

Image credit:

Porcelain plus greenery plus CANDY. Image credit:

styleblueprint_bluewhitechristmaschinoiseriechic (1)

Carolyne Roehm’s house. Simple and elegant with a pop of red flowers. Image credit: Chinoiserie Chic

Dining Tables

All of these tables have a minimal use of chinoiserie, but it gets maximum effect here with the topiaries and floral arrangements.

styleblueprint_bluewhitechristmas (6)

Colonial Designs dining table. 

Image credit: Chinoiserie Chic

Image credit: Chinoiserie Chic

Image credit: Chinoiserie Chic

Image credit: Chinoiserie Chic 

Aerin Lauder's Christmas table. Image by Elle Decor.

Aerin Lauder’s Christmas table. Image by Elle Decor.

More Centerpieces

From topiaries, to citrus, to ornaments, to twigs, consider your chinoiserie as a neutral palette. It works with every color and texture here.

styleblueprint_bluewhitechristmas (5)

Citrus topiary at Colonial Designs.

Image credit: Pink Pagoda

Ornaments, greenery and porcelain. Image credit: Pink Pagoda 


Colonial Designs has two wreaths that will complement your look. The blue on blue ribbon, plus the greenery are stunning.

styleblueprint_bluewhitechristmas (7)

Simple wreath with blue ribbon and small blue flowers throughout at Colonial Designs.

styleblueprint_bluewhitechristmas (8)

Fruit, blue ribbon and your bird feeders all together here.

Other Decor Ideas

Here are a few more ways to incorporate your everyday decor with holiday-themed decor.

styleblueprint_bluewhitechristmas (2)

Nativity centered between two ginger jars.

styleblueprint_bluewhitechristmas (3)

Blue and red as your holiday look.

styleblueprint_bluewhitechristmas (4)

Deers are so popular this Christmas. Place next to your beautiful lamp during the holidays. 

Somehow this decorating idea will make your life easier. Just collect the porcelain you already have, add greenery and you have a decorated home for the holidays.