StyleBlueprint Louisville’s Heidi Potter explains footwear for Derby. We think her observations are good for all of us!

I realize I’m taking a big reputation gamble here as a style blogger. I’m all for eschewing style over comfort (at least most of the time). But, there comes a time when you know you are going to be on your feet all day (i.e. Oaks and Derby) and you can pretty much guarantee your dogs will be barking by the end. I’m going to let you in on a little secret I have to combat this problem. I wear Naturalizer and Clarks shoes. And, I love them.

This is what comes to mind when you think of Naturalizer Shoes, right?

Same is true for Clarks, I’m guessing.

My “dress” shoes from Naturalizer are the most comfortable ones I own. They are a metallic sandal and, hand to God, I have worn them through Oaks, to dinners and parties after Oaks and to Derby, and my feet have not been sore one time. In the past, I have hobbled back to the car down along Central Avenue with my shoes in my hand, willing to risk the foot injury because that would hurt less than the state of my feet after a long day at the track.

Three years ago, though, a girlfriend introduced me to her Naturalizer sandals and I was shocked at how cute they were. (And, quite frankly, I was also shocked that she had ever been to Naturalizer, because she is always dressed to the nines). So I went out and bought the same pair and have worn them constantly. Cute and comfortable, here they are:

Mine are less gold and more copper, silver and muted gold.

Same goes for my Clarks–I have an adorable pair of their winter driving loafers, the closest thing I’m going to get to the ultimate Tod’s driving loafer.

Now I’m not saying that the whole selection is cute. You definitely have to weed through the “hip replacement” or “bad bunion” or “Sister Mary Michael” corrective looks to find the pearls.

Okay, the mention of nun shoes has me needing to share this picture. Now, back to our article…

But ladies, it is worth it. Also note that while these are not “cheap” shoes, as in Target cheap, they are definitely a total steal compared to most of the shoes I find myself drooling over these days. Buy a pair or two and consider it an investment in your comfort and sanity–and by that I mean your own and your date’s, who won’t have to hear you complain!

Allow me to show you some of their latest for spring.

From Clarks:

Clarks Sol Bloom, Snake Flip Flop $74.99

Clarks Sky Pocomo in Steel Blue Leather $109.99

Clarks Cynthia Avant Black Peep Toe Patent $89.99

Clarks Liz Bistro Camel Suede $94.99

Clarks Harwich Helm in Camel leather $109.99

From Naturalizer:

Naturalizer Naya Genesis $48

Naturalizer Payton $79

Naturalizer Ideal $79

Naturalizer Ilyse $79

Naturalizer Korina $99

Doesn’t that feel better already?

When you see me at Derby or Oaks, be sure to give me the secret wink or flash me the sign that you’re comfortable, too.