Did you notice something during the World Series last week?

Not the collapse of the Texas Rangers, but something else?

I felt like I was on the set of Little House on the Prairie, watching Pa Ingalls play baseball against all his friends.  It was practically pioneer days in that stadium with all those beards everywhere.

Jason Motte, pitcher for the Cardinals.

After reading the sportswriters’ columns after the game, they noted that the side story of the World Series was the facial hair.  Over half, and really closer to 75% of the players (including the ones playing, relief pitchers and those on the bench) were sporting facial hair in some fashion.  A large number, 10 they think, had full Grizzly Adams beards (see above for reference.)

Lance Berkman

While I think many of these baseball players sport the beards for superstitious reasons (like they think that shaving will break their winning streak), I’ve noticed other athletes doing it too.  Golfers, to be exact.

Tiger Woods
Lucas Glover

Celebrities claim to be growing them out for roles, but I think they are just wearing them because they are popular.

He could have a purple beard and I would still love him.
Jakie not so bad with a beard.

Lastly, have you noticed stores featuring models with beards, or at least some grizzle?  Stores don’t feature bearded fashion models because they are superstitious; so….they must be *in style*.  (*=sharp inhale of breath)

Banana Republic Mad Men campaign.
J Crew

Let’s get to the heart of the matter.  What do women think of beards, or any facial hair?  I took the temperature of my audience on Facebook about a month ago by asking if facial hair on men was sexy, swarthy or creepy?

The majority of you said no to facial hair:

  • No hair. Period.
  • Don’t like the fuzzy/furry hipster look.
  • Not a fan! Clean shaven. Soft and smooth baby!!!!

Two paid homage to Tom Selleck:

Magnum PI – the only person in the world who looks handsome with a huge mustache and a Hawaiian shirt
  • Leaving it to Magnum PI!  I like my man slick like Gecko!
  • Who would Tom Selleck be without his Magnum PI mustache?

Some like a temporary “scruff”:

Now that’s a nice scruff boys. Take note.
  • (Husband) doesn’t shave for 9 days when he goes fishing in Canada and I think it’s adorable when he comes home…although I know it’s temporary.
  • Don’t like it, other than the occasional 5 o’clock shadow.

Some are a resounding yes!!

I love Zach. I know, it is inexplicable. Cannot imagine him clean-shaven.
  • I happen to be married to the sweetest man with a mustache and full beard;)
  • Oh, it can be more than a little sexy. Honey, as with everything else, it depends on the fella.

And a BIG no to the mustache:

Jason Lee. Eeew.
Derek Holland, #45 of the Texas Rangers pitching, with that awful moustache, during Game Four on the MLB World Series
  • The porn ‘stache is definitely out.
  • No porn ‘stache or Grizzly Adams!!!

Ladies, I think we are going to have to collectively embrace this trend.   Think about it this way, as said by a reader, “the world’s most interesting men have had one”–Here’s a few that come to mind: Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, um….George Clooney.

Agreed, all very interesting.

Gentlemen, if you are thinking of growing a beard or already have one, women are focused on one thing with that beard–that it is CLEAN.  Take care of it.  Trim it up.  We don’t want to see what you ate for your last meal in your beard or God forbid, smell it.

So, Jason Motte and all the other Grizzly Adams look-a-likes, time for a trim boys.  Keep the beard, just keep it nice.

Who’s hairier? It’s a toss-up.  Just noticing that he is possibly wearing splatter-painted jeans.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on facial hair on men.  Comment below or email me at [email protected].

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