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Say the name Anoosh Shariat, and every foodie and chef in Louisville knows who you are talking about. Beloved local chef Anoosh is back on the restaurant scene after taking a couple of years off to consult. Last fall, he opened anoosh Bistro in the former Henry’s Place.

Louisvillians were relieved to see him back in the game. As the former owner and chef at Shariat’s on Brownsboro Road, then Browning’s and Park Place at Slugger Field, his absence in the Louisville food scene was conspicuous. When it was announced that he might work at the new Mesh on Brownsboro Road, locals crossed their fingers. When that did not come to pass, and we learned last summer that he was opening another restaurant, Louisville was excited to see what was coming next. That’s because Anoosh always produces a great product, keeping an eye on local offerings and listening to his customers.

We recently went to anoosh Bistro for the first time, having wanted to try it for several months. The atmosphere was modern, yet cozy. The service was impeccable, with our hostess and server making an extra effort to get to know us. We asked our server several questions, especially on what to order, and he was clearly knowledgeable, making helpful suggestions. The wine and cocktail list was impressive, and the food, well, you’ll have to taste it for yourself. This is a fine dining establishment that did not disappoint!

Sit with us as we let you live vicariously through our delicious meal:

Grilled Romaine from Anoosh Bistro

The anoosh Bistro version of your typical Caesar salad was simple, yet delicious. The seasoned bread added a touch of crunch, as well.

Smoked Salmon Platter from Anoosh Bistro

This smoked salmon platter, with roasted red pepper, cream cheese, Bermuda onion, egg, capers and caviar, was the perfect little appetizer that was light, yet had so much flavor.

Cioppino from Anoosh Bistro

We love cioppino, so when we saw it on the menu, we knew we needed to try it. This version, served with shrimp, lobster, crab, mussels, tomato, saffron and broth, was probably the best we’ve ever had.

Lamb Shank from Anoosh Bistro

Deciding on “the land” portion for the evening was difficult, but we chose right. Anoosh’s lamb shank dish, with mirepoix, burgundy sauce and mashed potatoes, was absolutely mouthwatering. The lamb was tender and practically fell off the bone.

Verlasso Salmon from Anoosh Bistro

Anoosh’s “from the sea” portion was equally difficult to choose. We selected the Verlasso salmon, with leek fondue, seasonal vegetables and forbidden rice. It was flavorful, light and delicious.

Dessert from Anoosh Bistro

Always save the best for last. This strawberry cheesecake dessert was so delicious and didn’t last more than one minute in front of us. We always love it when restaurants decorate the dessert plates. It adds a lovely touch … and an extra dose of chocolate and flavored syrup.

Hungry yet? Check out the full menu at anoosh Bistro, if you would like to study all of your options before you go there.

anoosh Bistro is located in the Brownsboro Road Shopping Center (in the old Henry’s Place) at 4864 Brownsboro Road. Hours are Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.; Saturday, 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Reservations are accepted and highly recommended. Learn more at (502) 690-6585 or on their website.

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