It is no secret that at StyleBlueprint, we pride ourselves on being in the local know. Today, we have rounded up our top resources to help you live like a local in your own city. From happy hours to rainy day activities to tidbits of Louisville history, these articles cover everything that you, as a Louisvillian, need to know!

Hey, we write a LOT of content and it’s hard to keep up with it all. This guide is a handy way to access all of our best articles that keep you in the know for eating, shopping, and loving Louisville traditions! So, if you keep up with this one article, you’ll have access to all the others. So bookmark this article for future reference, and read on for your local’s guide to Louisville.

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Weird, independent & proud | Mural by Bryan Patrick

Eat and Drink Like a Local

Patios, Brunch, New Restaurants, Farmers Markets, Breweries and Happy Hours

Louisville might just be the foodiest of all foodie cities. There are so many great restaurants, it’s hard to even know where to start! But how about trying something new? Here are 6 New Louisville Restaurants to Try for Spring 2018. In the mood for the simpler things in life? Try these 4 Small-Town Kentucky Eateries with Big-Time Personality. When you are looking for a cheap date, chow down on some of Louisville Chefs’ Favorite Cheap Eats. For those fancy nights, check out 10 Romantic Restaurants for a Date Night in Louisville. For the foodies on a health kick, these 16 Healthy Louisville Restaurants with Delicious Eats for All Diets are sure to hit the spot. But we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize that we have to “keep Louisville weird” by letting you in on some hidden gems — here are 20 Great Louisville Area Restaurants Off the Beaten Path.

With spring officially in full swing, the temperatures are starting to rise! Take advantage of the warm weather by dining outdoors. Take your four-legged friend to one of 11 Dog-Friendly Restaurant Patios in Louisville, or relax at one of these Great Restaurant Patios in Louisville, or try to hit each spot on our list of Louisville’s Best Happy Hours (good luck!). This warm weather also brings us another local favorite — food trucks! The Louisville Food Truck Bible is something to live by.

Plan Activities Like a Local

Day Hikes, Waterfalls and Rainy Day Activities

Jam-packed with activities, Louisville has something for everyone. You can Lace Up Your Shoes & Take a Walk Through Old Louisville, or spend an adult day enjoying Grown-Up Louisville Field Trips, or show your fella some love with Louisville Activities the Guys Will Love — and Gals, Too! Take a chill day and utilize The Guide to Louisville Farmers Markets, or treat yourself to one of these 5 Outside-the-Box Louisville Spa Treatments Worth Trying.

Louisville has no shortage of nature to enjoy, so consider exploring 5 Great Hikes in the Louisville Area, discovering 5 Great Places to See Waterfalls Near Louisville or enjoying 7 Perfect Parks for Summertime Fun. Need to get away for a bit? Pack a light bag and head out to one of these 5 Day Trip Destinations From Louisville.

If the sun isn’t shining, don’t stay cooped up indoors. Instead, try one of these 70+ Ways To Spend a Rainy Day in Louisville!

Live Like a Local

Neighborhood Guides

Louisville neighborhoods are full of character! Do you know Why Mount Washington Merits a Visit? Have you discovered Portland: Where to Eat, What to See & Where to Grab a Cuppa Coffee? If we gave you a quiz, would you know Where These Louisville Murals Are? Do you want to see 6 Great Reasons to Head to Bardstown and 6 Reasons to Visit Germantown? If you find yourself looking for a new home, Take a Look at Kentucky’s Most Beautiful Historic Homes — All for Sale!

Do Derby Like a Local

Derby Hats, Party Planning and How to Get Lucky in the Races

Our city’s sacred tradition takes the community by storm each year. If you’re a local, you probably have your tradition in place, but just in case you’d like to shake things up, we’re here to help. Planning a Derby party can be one of the most fun things to do. You get to place bets, eat great food and surround yourself with friends and family without leaving the comfort of your home. The most difficult part is feeding everyone, but let’s make it simple — A Taco Bar: The Easiest Way to Feed a Crowd and make sure you have Everything You Need for Your At-Home Bar, or if you just have a few friends coming into town, Louisville’s 8 Tastiest Derby Box Lunches will truly hit the spot. We already know that Louisville is a foodie city, and if you don’t Eat Like a Local for Derby, then you haven’t read Your Ultimate Guide to the Kentucky Derby Weekend. The locals know, however, that there are 7 Lucky Reasons to Go to Thurby, and even luckier reasons to hit up 9 Louisville Spots for Late-Night Derby Bites when the munchies start. At the end of the day, Ladies, We All Know Derby is All About the Hats! But if you need a little help Dressing your Man for Derby, we’ve got you covered.

To round out the local love, here are 20 Things Only Locals Know About Louisville.

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