Jewelry tells the story of a woman’s life. Jewelry also always fits (unless you’re pregnant and swollen), doesn’t expire and rarely goes out of style. Quite frankly, it’s the perfect gift.

We shopped around town for some great pieces — both fine jewelry and costume — that fit the bill for this month of love. Might I suggest, ladies, that you forward this to your sweetie to give him a guide map of what to buy you.

12 Swoon-Worthy Jewelry Pieces

Necklace and Pendant

Julie Moore at Cale & Cole has crafted these beautiful pyrite necklaces with pave diamond clasps. The clasps are pretty enough to be shown in the front, rather than hidden around the back. She also has made accompanying pendants that you can switch out with the necklace. They are feathers carved of wood or bone with a thin layer of diamonds. The necklaces are $330, and the feather pendants are $280 each.

Louisville Jewelry Finds

Handcrafted pyrite necklace with diamond clasp is $330 at Cale & Cole

Louisville Jewelry Finds

Accompanying wood and bone feather and diamond pendants are $280 each at Cale & Cole.

Diamond Heart Pendant

Jordan Clines Jewelers has custom made this perfect heart diamond pendant, sized just right to catch someone’s eye. This 1.40-carat, heart-shaped diamond with diamond border on a platinum chain retails for $7,500 and can be worn for a lifetime.

Louisville Jewelry Finds

Custom-made, heart-shaped diamond pendant at Jordan Clines Jewelers, $7,500

Topaz Pendant

This eye-catching pendant is so stunning because it has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR drops. Alternating satin-finished gold with blue topaz and citrine with a diamond border, this 14-karat gold necklace is on an 18-inch chain. Find it at Clater Jewelers in Westport Village for $2,078.

Louisville Jewelry Finds

Find this 14-karat gold pendant necklace with alternating satin-finished gold, blue topaz and citrine with a diamond border at Clater Jewelers for $2,078.

Bracelet or Necklace

Made by local jeweler Stylebone, this 36-inch chain can be worn as a wrap bracelet or a necklace (or even a belt), depending on your mood. Available in brass, stainless, rose gold or carbon, wear them separately or mix two metals. Stylebone is sold at Circe and Rodes. The items below are at Circe for $225 each.

Louisville Jewelry Finds

This 36-inch chain by Stylebone is shown here as a wrapped bracelet. Find it at Circe for $225.

Louisville Jewelry Finds

The same chain as above, shown here as a necklace, is also sold at Circe, by Stylebone.

Hoop Earrings

Gold hoops are de rigueur as part of a woman’s jewelry wardrobe. But gold hoops with fringe, now that’s a fun addition to the inventory. These Nina hoops are made by Sylvia Benson and sold at Monkee’s for $72.

Louisville Jewelry Finds

Gold hoops with fringe made by Sylvia Benson are sold at Monkee’s for $72.

Pearl Necklace

W&M Custom Jewelry always takes a classic and puts a modern twist on it, whether it be a vintage brooch or pearls, as shown below. This double strand of pearls is different because the pearls are faceted and shown on a gold link chain. This retails for $145 and is available at Monkee’s, but their jewelry is sold all over town, so check out the list of their stores here.

Louisville Jewelry Finds

Double strand of faceted pearls on a gold chain, made by W&M Jewelry and sold for $145 | This one is at Monkee’s.


A simple, black, labrodite chain with 14-karat gold fill is such a statement. Jennifer Kalmey’s line of chain earrings is worth taking a gander at Merci Boutique. She also sells her Coquettish line of jewelry at Clodhoppers. The earrings pictured below range from $88 to $98.

Louisville Jewelry Finds

Dangle earrings made from black labrodite chain with 14-karat gold fill by Coquettish are sold at Merci Boutique for $88 to $98.


Want a bracelet that is a little bit more permanent than a bangle? These bracelets by Miansai are sold at Circe + Swag. They screw on and won’t easily slip off the wrist, making them comparable to a Cartier love bracelet, where the bracelet is intentionally worn and usually for longer periods of time. The top bracelet is $185, the middle bracelet is $195 and the bottom bracelet is $200.

Louisville Jewelry Finds

Screw-cuff bracelets by Miansai, sold at Circe + Swag: top bracelet is $185, the middle bracelet is $195 and the bottom bracelet is $200


Summer Eliason’s rose quartz earrings would not only be great for Valentine’s Day, but year-round. With a flattering color and shape, these can be worn casually or for dressy occasions. Sold for $150, these are at Summer Eliason’s store on Lexington Road.

Louisville Jewelry Finds

Rose quartz earrings by Summer Eliason for $150

Tassel Necklace

Collections always has great, unique jewelry at an affordable price point. With all the pendant necklaces we have spotted around town, here is a different one. It has a leather choker as the base of the necklace, with a stone as the pendant and a leather tassel hooked on that. It’s different and, because of its neutral color, can be worn with just about anything. This is sold for $88.

Louisville Jewelry Finds

Leather choker with leather tassel and stone for $88 at Collections


Liv Boutique also has a great selection of unique jewelry at a very affordable price point. This hammered ring with rhinestone flecks is a great cocktail ring or for everyday. We bet you can find a million places to wear this. Find it for $48.

Louisville Jewelry Finds

Hammered, gold-domed ring with rhinestone flecks for $48 at Liv Boutique


After 10 years of success with her signature gold circle earrings, Cindy Borders has a new line of earrings. These are the deluxe wrapped circle earrings, and they retail for $110. The below sampling shows blue Peruvian chalcedony briolettes and turquoise howlite. The pink are hot pink jade and coral, and the gray are golden pyrite briolettes and gray glass pearl. These are sold at Clodhoppers and at Cindy Borders’ studio.

louisville jewelry finds

Cindy Borders’ new line of deluxe wrapped circle earrings retail for $110. These are sold at Clodhoppers and Cindy Borders’ Studio.

Forward this list on or print it out for your sweetie. Everyone needs a good gift guide, right!? And happy Valentine’s Day!