Recently I was enlightened by a super fashionable high-schooler that NO ONE wears dangle earrings anymore.  She said it gently to me, as my ever-present dangle earrings wistfully swayed in the wind.  That was then followed with “well, nobody in HIGH SCHOOL wears dangle earrings.”

I started investigating and noticed, that truth be told, there were a lot of studs on the market now.  Big, small, dainty or heavy; the stud earring can morph into many many shapes.

This is the front table in front of the juniors section at Nordstrom in Houston.


Lately the celebrities have been wearing less and less jewelry. Seems as though less is more.

Jennifer Garner does not even have her ears pierced. Truth! She wears clip-ons.


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How about pearls, as shown on Olivia Palermo.


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Eva Longoria sports dramatic makeup and hair but simple (albeit easily over three carats a piece) diamond studs.

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Well, how did this picture get here?? Moving on.



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Okay, sorry I got a little carried away on the celebrity portion of the story.

Beyond diamond studs and pearls, here are some other options (a few of which are right in your own backyard in the ‘Ham). SOCA in Homewood has lots of studs on display, ranging in price from $14 to $55.

Studs at SOCA.

Studs at SOCA


Rockin studs at SOCA.

Rockin studs at SOCA


Blues, greens and corals at SOCA.

Blues, greens and corals at SOCA.

Etc. also has many options to choose from, like the quartz ones below, which are available for $275.

A druzy of a stud!

A variety of shapes and sizes at Etc.


Lots of sparklies!

Lots of sparklies at Etc!


Little gems in many colors.

Little gems in many colors at Etc.

I would wear the Judith Bright Nest Earring in every color if possible. They are beautiful with such attention to detail.


Judith Bright Nest Earrings in White Topaz, $228. Available online at


Loved these Classic Swarovski crystal stud earrings available at Shopbop.


Classic Swarovski crystal stud earrings available at ShopBop for $99.

Kate Spade has made these studs in every color; they look more like gumdrops than earrings.


Kate Spade small square studs in Mint, available at Zappos online.

More turquoise earrings, which will go great with all your black and white summer trends.  These are from Michael Kors.


Michael Kors Pave Turquoise available online for $75.

Enamel never goes out of style, and I don’t think Tory Burch does either.


Tory Burch enamel stud earrings in Blue available online at ShopBop.


Michael Kors has many many pretty studs in his arsenal.  Here are my other loves, the rose gold pave diamond studs.


Michael Kors Brilliance Fireball Pave Studs in Rose Gold for $75. Available online at Zappos.


I’m excited to get my stud collection started and finally enter into the realm of fashionable. Now what to do with ALL these dangle and hoop earrings?? Aw, who am I kidding? I’ll never let go of my dangles and hoops!!