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In case you missed it, LinkedIn has become a much more useful online environment.

Users are putting their best foot forward, sharing and engaging with content that helps them learn and make valuable connections. Spam is rare. And if you are an advertiser and your business prospects have a high lifetime value, LinkedIn is a robust place to be.

Here are a few examples of recent improvements:

Upload a list of businesses or individuals, and target them directly with content.

In April of this year, LinkedIn rolled out “Matched Audiences,” which allows users to upload email lists and company names to target. You can refine the targeting based on job function, seniority, title, group membership, geographical location and more. Be aware that there are minimum audience sizes, and not every email you use will find its match in the LinkedIn database. So, for every 1,000 names you upload, you may actually net 400-500 targets. Say you have a B2B product or service and you want your prospects to see an article about your business. You can put that article in front of them — directly in their newsfeed — using Matched Audiences.

Retarget visitors to your website.

Within Ads Manager, you can generate a snippet of code and have your web developer install the code on your site (if you use Squarespace, Wix or WordPress, this is exceptionally easy). This code, the LinkedIn Insight Tag, will not slow your site down or cause issues. Once it is auto-verified by LinkedIn, you can create an audience out of your website visitors and retarget them with an ad. This audience, already warmed up and interested in your business, is much more likely to convert to a customer than a general audience. You can further refine targeting based on which pages they visited on your site, such as the “Thank You” page after making a purchase. As with Matched Audiences, there is a minimum number of site visitors required before you can retarget.

Speaking of your website visitors, now you can see a new level of detailed demographics.

With Google Analytics, you can get a fair amount of information on your site, including visitor’s age, location, interests and source of referral. A new feature on LinkedIn takes the demographic information to a new level of detail, enabling you to know more about the LinkedIn profiles of visitors. For example, you can sort visitors according to job seniority, job function and job title. This is seriously helpful stuff when refining your messaging or product assortment.

Finally, video is here.

Last but not least, LinkedIn has recently enabled users to upload video from their camera roll or record video natively on the platform. Keep in mind that at present, the feature is not available for businesses, only individuals. The video will autoplay, with volume off. If you have a message that is best delivered to your personal network in the form of video, you can take advantage of the reach — and the novelty, while it lasts — of LinkedIn video.

Contributed by Betsy Hindman, VP of Content Marketing and Paid Media at Raven Public Relations, a Nashville-based PR firm specializing in advertising agencies, ad tech and media companies.

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