It’s mid-April and yet again, we have a couple days in a row that are barely getting into the 60’s. I want to scream. I have had no idea what to wear for much of this season. A reader commented last week that what she really wanted to know was what to wear this spring, specifically to work, as it’s been too cold for open-toed shoes and bare legs! Elizabeth Merkel, our commenter who sparked this post, this is for you (and everyone else, as we are all puzzled)! Warm days are coming, but this advice will serve us all well with the surprises that are sure to still pop up! Thank you to Tina Adams (Tina Adams Wardrobe Consulting), for stepping in today to help us all out!

What to wear in cold spring weather


Ladies of the South, some mornings may feel like winter outside, but the calendar says it’s spring, darn it, and you’re tired of Old Man Winter! But how do you dress for the transition from winter into spring? Do tights really look good with spring dresses and skirts? No, they don’t. You need another alternative.

We pride ourselves on teaching our clients how to stretch their wardrobe purchases, and dollars, into multiple seasons, and today, we’re letting you in on a few of our secrets! These fashion tips will take your wardrobe from cold spring days into the dog days of summer, at the office and at play.

1. Trade out your black and brown pants for white pants. White pants are the great wardrobe multiplier. On a cool spring day, wear them with a bright cashmere sweater or even a leather jacket. Add a tortoise accessory.


Winter Into Spring: White Pants


The pieces you wore this fall with grey and brown, start wearing with white instead.

2. You can dress up white jeans by ironing a crease down the front, and pairing with a button down and jacket. If it’s cold, wear a lighter colored ankle boot.

Winter Into Spring: Casual Work Day

3. Take your dark winter sheath or pencil skirt and pair with a cardigan or blazer in a light color. If your legs are cold, go back to number 1, and wear white pants. Heavy tights and boots look out of place in spring. You can however wear beautiful sheer hose, a la Kate Middleton. Gus Mayer carries my favorites, Donna Karan “The Nudes Collection” shown in the second set below.


Winter Into Spring: Sheath Dress
Winter Into Spring: Pencil Skirt
3. Switch over to a light rinse denim. No sundresses, flirty summer skirts, linen or flip-flops no matter how hot it gets (unless you’re at the beach) until May, and only then if it’s warm enough to be in these pieces. Stick with more neutral-centric pieces like cotton and tropical wools.
Winter Into Spring: Faded Denim


Coco carries MIH jeans shown in set.

What’s the rule of thumb about when to put away your winter clothes and start wearing spring ensembles? Once the thermometer hovers at or above 60 degrees for a week straight, it’s time to put away the winter woolens. That means we are in the clear as of today. Also once we’ve gotten through Spring Break, it is officially spring, even if it’s sleeting here in Nashville.


Thanks, Tina!


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