Southern Voice: Marcy Pruett

What if Valentine’s Day became Random Acts of Kindness Day?

Let me explain with my story from last year.

I had a very last-minute cancellation on Valentine’s day. It was the third or fourth year now to celebrate this love-centric holiday alone. Too late to make alternative plans, I cried, felt sorry for myself and was determined to not let this ruin the evening. I continued with “our” plans alone — except for the cooking dinner part. I just didn’t need to stay inside cooking by myself.

I got dressed and walked to The Local. Tony Lucca was playing, and he’s great in my book. Listening to live music has always been helpful to erase disappointment. No one seemed to notice me or engage me in the dark corner I nestled into — my exact wish. I feared those tears would surface if anyone said a word to me. After some time there, my stomach started to growl, and if I were going to eat before heading home, I needed to get to BrickTops, my restaurant of choice this night, before it closed. It was getting late so I hoped all the date night rush had passed and I could enjoy my own steak dinner, then go to sleep and have a fresh start and new day tomorrow.

Just as planned, it was almost empty. I ordered a very nice meal and a wonderful glass of wine and consumed the sweet sympathies in the server’s eyes without either of us uttering a word of detail. It was a sweet intuitive exchange.

With a full stomach and partially soothed heart, I asked for the check. Her response shocked me. “It’s taken care of,” she said. There was no one left around except staff, and she said it was not her. No name had been left. A random act of kindness, late at night, on Valentine’s Day. Well, then I started to cry again but for a different reason. It meant the world to me right then. It healed the disappointment and bandaged my heart.

Whoever you are, you made a difference, and now I want to follow your lead this year. I hope that with our story we can put smiles on many faces.

Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day for me. If you feel moved to join, well that just makes us stronger and kinder. You never know how much doing something kind and unexpected impacts someone. Thank you, whoever you are. You inspired me, made my Valentine’s Day better and my heart bigger. You made a difference. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Marcy Pruett

From Marcy: My hope is if you’ve taken a moment to read this you might pass it along. Just maybe if you re-post, that wonderful random act of kindness that happened to me would be recognized by my person, and I could acknowledge and thank them. I will duplicate it in my own way and hope it spreads. 

Happy Valentine’s Day & Random Acts of Kindness Day!

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