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To kick off the wellness portion of our Diaries series, we’re excited to share the weekly diary of Sharon Ball. A therapist by training, Sharon brings an insightful look at the importance of striking a balance and approaching wellness in a holistic way. Enjoy!

As a woman who is a Enneatype 3, juggling three kids, two dogs and two businesses (Nashville Enneagram Center for Wellbeing and 9Paths), I have to be on my game. My margin of error is slim, and having “off” days is not possible. As I get older I have to practice self-care and manage my time wisely. My ultimate goal is to find harmony in my life routine and maintain it!

I want to find my “sweet spot,” my “groove” in juggling life; maintaining good sleep, water intake, consistent exercise routine, work/life harmony and consistent healthy eating. My mental health self-care allows me to sustain a rigorous schedule and keep a life of gratitude. My daily practice of meditation is mixed with Jesus Calling, Rumi and Mary Oliver poems. My best days are when I am up at 5 a.m., drink my coffee, meditate and work out! A typical week for me starts on a Sunday …

Wellness diary

Sharon Ball is dedicated to practicing consistent self-care so she can on top of her game.


I make sure there is food in the refrigerator for the week. I spend a little time packaging grab-and-go baggies of snacks for the family like nuts, carrots and grapes. If I have time, I meal prep lunches — typically chicken and broccoli or salads. I use the meal prep reusable containers from Walmart. My food throughout the week is for energy intake, and sugar is very limited. My vice is coffee, but I’m trying to wean myself to decaf. There is something nostalgic about having a cup of coffee in the morning before I do my meditation.


Mondays are my administration days, and often I will stay home giving me a slower pace to the start of my week. I begin my morning with coffee, meditation and walk the dogs (little walk). Monday is when I catch up with clients, staff supervision notes and businesses that I am working with. I use this day to schedule what I need to do the rest of the week, and I focus on long-range planning. I get my workout in during lunch.


I am at work by 9:30 a.m. after I drop my son off at school. I work out at Forever Fit Nashville during lunch with eight other women. I love this place because it is a group 30-minute blast that I can do during lunch time. I get my cardio and weights in, and then I’m done.) I take my lunch with me to work and two healthy snacks. I make sure our Center has plenty of snacks and water in case I am in a hurry and forget. If I am working with a business, I make sure I take my water bottle with me so I can keep my fluid intake going.

On the days I don’t make it to work out, I do “big walks” with my dogs, Ted and Cash. These walks are about 1-and-a-half miles, and it is alongside the river, which allows me to get cardio in and connect my mind and heart with nature. During these hikes I turn my phone off and challenge myself to practice presence. I intentionally connect with all five senses: touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. It is during these times I connect back to my true essence, my inner-most being of hope and self-acceptance. It is during these walks I practice self-compassion reminding me to slow down, stop and experience life. I have a mantra that I use to focus my presence: “As you live deeper in the heart, the mirror gets clearer and clearer.” — Rumi

Wellness diary

Sharon pictured here with her son


Friday morning is my day to reflect on what I didn’t get done for the week. I write it down, but I don’t take it into my weekend. I challenge myself to get two days of rest. This is a challenge, yet when I do this, my physical and mental wellbeing is at peak performance!


DAY OFF. FUN. My son’s baseball games.

Nowadays, I have a life coach, but for many years it was necessary for me to have a counselor. Each have been perfect for the season of life I am in, yet both are significant to maintaining mental wellbeing. I enjoy having Lisa Alessi as my life coach and getting her perspective on my life and business. My biggest growth area is leaning into “being” and “pivoting” when my schedule or goals are disrupted. So, if I miss a workout, I pivot and find a time during the day when I can take the dogs on a “big walk” and pivot my frustration to gratitude for the walk. I remind myself daily that I am a “human being” not a “human doer.”

Being on my A-game is important, and I am learning that sacrificing my mental and physical wellbeing to stay on my A-game only brings imbalance, sickness, weight gain, insomnia, moodiness and inability to “pivot.” So, harmony in my life between my physical and mental wellbeing is of most importance!

wellness diary

Sharon and her three children

Sharon is known as “The Business Therapist” and expert in the Enneagram for organizations. She owns 9Paths, a consulting agency that provides team alignment and executive coaching services, and facilitates discussions between c-suite staff when conflict needs to be resolved effectively. After 20 years of private practice as a therapist, Sharon founded Nashville Enneagram Center for Wellbeing, a fully staffed clinical counseling center, with flexible scale focused on addressing PTSD, depression, anxiety, bereavement and life adjustments. Sharon provides oversight to the Center and is active with speaking engagements regarding workplace trauma and PTSD.


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