We almost can’t believe we’re writing this, but bold barrettes, scrunchies and headbands have made a comeback. Love it or hate it, statement hair accessories are having a major moment right now and the more we see it, the more we’re inclined to try it out ourselves. We’ll be the first to say that clips and headbands feel a little too young, but the modern way of wearing them brings a cooler, more curated and polished feel. Here, we’re breaking down five of the top trends, showcasing how to style them and offering up a few of our favorite current buys. Let’s talk hair accessories!

Trend Spotlight: Hair Accessories


Big, bold barrettes may feel like a style from the past, but modern women are giving the trend a 2019 makeover with perfectly planned placement, colorful gems, dainty pearls and tortoiseshell accents. The same goes for decorated bobby pins. The days of hiding a mess of bobby pins under your smooth, sleek pony are gone, making way for jeweled pins that provide the right amount of girly glam to your hairstyle.

A favorite way of styling these barrettes and pins is to simply place them either on one side or both, often in a group of two to three, a few inches from your part. This immediately elevates an otherwise casual, loose curl or sleek straight look. Here, you can see how a grouping of jewel-encrusted bobby pins adds a fun touch to a soft curl.

hair accessories

Place your jeweled bobby pins or bold barrettes a few inches from your part for a glamorous addition to a casual hairstyle. Image: Paige Greene

Want to try the trend out yourself? Here are a few of our favorite options. Keep in mind that gems, jewels, gold, tortoiseshell and pearls are the top trends for these items.

hair accessories

Top row, left to right: The pearl barrettes are $24, the tortoiseshell barrette set is $18, and the gem barrettes are $22. Bottom row, left to right: These dainty pearl bobby pins are $24; the understated, yet glamorous gem bobby pin set is $24; and the jeweled bobby pins are $34. Images: Nordstrom/Anthropologie

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Another fashionable way to add some color and interest to your hairstyle is through a headband. This year’s favorite is a knotted headband, often dotted with tiny pearls or featuring a sweet bow. Soft, satin fabrics are also a chosen trend of the season as are bright pops of color like red or copper.

hair accessories

Here you can see how a colorful headband adds a touch of fun and flair to an updo.

Like the trend? Here are three of our top picks for current buys. We love this red headband for its bow detail and splash of color, while the black headband features on-trend pearls and the soft pink headband is soft and understated with a cute knot.

hair accessories

The red headband with a bow detail is $24, the black knotted headband with pearls is $88, and this soft pink headband with a twist detail is $18. All three of these headbands are available in multiple shades to suit your style. Images: Nordstrom/Anthropologie


If you consider your style to be more flowy and bohemian, a hair scarf is the ideal accessory for you. They’re great for giving your go-to ponytail an added punch of color and style. We prefer a hair scarf be attached to a scrunchie or headband as it ensures the scarf stays in place all day and makes it that much easier to style, but a loose scarf is just as fun. Here, you can see how a loose scarf looks tied in a casual bow around an effortless ponytail.

hair accessories

A hair scarf looks sweet and effortless when tied around a loose ponytail.

We’ve done some shopping and found three scarves we love. The floral scarves add soft color and pattern to your hairstyle, while the satin scarves bring color and sophistication to a ponytail. The headband hair scarf, in a beautiful golden-yellow tone, looks fantastic with hair in a low bun, ponytail or braid.

hair accessories

Here are three of our favorite options. These soft floral hair scarves are $18 each, the headband scarf is $20, and these silky hair scarves are $18 each. Images: Anthropologie


And, of course, the scrunchie is back and better than ever! This once modest ponytail holder has become a total fashion statement through bold patterns, bright colors and silky fabrics. These are even being worn on the wrist as a cute, yet practical accent. Here, you can see how a scrunchie, in the right fabric and pattern, can make a ponytail look polished.

hair accessories

A scrunchie can actually add sophistication to the ponytail when it’s the right fabric and pattern.

Want to dip your toes into the scrunchie pond? This set of five is affordable and offers plenty of options. You can also see how cute they look when placed on your wrist!

hair accessories

Give scrunchies a(nother) try! This set of five ($19) makes it easy. And place them on your wrist for an on-trend, practical accessory. Images: Nordstrom


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