Consistency is pivotal to the success of any fitness program, and that means even if you are traveling, you’ll want to keep your fitness journey in motion, too. To help, we tapped Memphis-based fitness expert Gee Sharp, who shares a simple, step-by-step, head-to-toe workout you can do anywhere without special gear, machines, benches or weights. This workout is inspired by the circuit training exercises of a fully equipped gym. For those of you who enjoy other types of exercise, the take-away today is to be creative and persistent about finding on-the-go fitness options whenever your regular workout routine is going to be interrupted.

*Please note, only add this exercise routine to your travel schedule if the motions described are familiar or already a part of your workout plan. Form is an important part of safety and effectiveness when exercising, and this is a checklist of fairly common exercises to use when the gym is not available or to enhance your regular workout plan. Glean ideas from this workout and, as with any activity, adjust according to your personal level.

Let’s get started with Gee’s plan:


1. Jog in place: 30 seconds

2. Jumping Jacks: x30

3. Crawl-outs, x10

From a standing position, with feet shoulder-width apart, fold downward to the floor and walk your hands into a beginning push-up position; walk hands back towards feet and return to standing; repeat.

4. Alternating lunges: x20

From a standing position, with feet shoulder-width apart, step into the lunge, changing the lead foot each time. In a proper lunge, the knee is in line with the ankle and the upper body is straight.

5. Jumping Lunges: x20

Begin standing, with feet shoulder-width apart; jump into the lunge position in one motion; alternate sides with each jump.

6. Push-ups: x10

It’s fine if you need to modify and do them with your knees on the ground.

7. Triceps dips: x20

The tricep dips you have been doing with a bench in the gym can be done off of a chair or the edge of a bathtub when you are on the go.

8. Alternating step-ups: x20

Step up and down off of the same surface. To replace the bench or step machine you use in a gym, find a tall step, chair or even the bathtub rim for this one, depending on the height you are accustomed to tackling.

9. Wall sit: 1 minute

With your back flat to any wall, slide down to what looks like a seated position without the seat and hold it for one minute.

10. Squat jumps: 20

From an upright stance, lower into a squat; then jump up and down, always returning to that squatted position.

11. Inchworm

From a standing position, do a crawl-out followed by a push-up; then, bring the feet to the hands in a jumping or stepping motion. If you are doing the inchworm properly, you will inch your way forward with each set. Set a goal for distance, either across a room or an outdoor space. Add a lunge forward in between each crawl-out and push-up set to increase difficulty.

12. Supermans: x10

Lying on your stomach, lift arms and legs upward simultaneously and hold for a few seconds before returning to a flat position.

13. V-ups: x10

V-ups or, according to your experience, basic crunches: Lying on your back, bring arms and legs into a V position. Press abs downward, and be sure your lower back does not curve up from the floor at all. If this happens, lower the height of your legs and/or bend the knees. Modify to a basic crunch if you are not familiar with the proper form of a V-up.

14. Russian twists: x40

From the top of a basic crunch position, press the heels of your palms together and twist the upper body side to side.

15. Triceps push-ups: 10

From a seated position, place hands on the floor, shoulder-width apart with fingers forward for proper tricep push-up form. Stop to adjust your position if you feel any discomfort in the wrists.

16. High knees: x50

From a standing position, raise the knees towards the chest in a stepping or jogging motion.

17. Mountain climbers: x40

From a runner’s lunge position, alternate feet forward and back to simulate climbing. Depending on the floor surface, this can be a jumping or sliding motion.

18. Jumping jacks: x30

19. Squat jumps: x20

20. Burpees: x10

Beginning from a push-up position, jump to bring both feet forward and into the hands, then jump back into the original position.

Need more? Feel free to repeat this routine and get as hard of a workout as you want!


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