Like any region in the United States, the South has its own names that it clearly favors. Currently, Emma is still the number one name in America for girls, but in the South, the number one name is Ava. The number one name for boys in America is Noah, but in the South, it’s actually William for most states. Interestingly, though, for a few of the Southern states where William isn’t in the number one slot, it’s actually not even a top 10 name! These outlier states, at least for the name William, include Texas, Florida and Maryland. However, each of these states does have Liam in the top three, and that’s a nickname for William … you can see the rabbit hole that this can become!

So, what are the most popular Southern baby names right now? Here are the top 10 for each of the Southern states for the year 2017. (We won’t know 2018’s most popular baby names till the year is officially over.)

The South’s Most Popular Baby Names

To learn more about popular baby names — in the South and beyond — check out this page on the Social Security website.


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