Levi’s just introduced Wedgie Fit Jeans. You think I jest? Check this out:

Wedgie Fit Jeans

Image: Levi’s

StyleBlueprint Louisville wrote Mom Jeans: Don’t Take the Bait a couple of years ago, but they are still here and they’ve got a huge fan club. Oh, the hate mail we got off of that article … an article which we still stand behind!

How do the Wedgie Fit Jeans differ from the jeans of the ’80s and ’90s? They’re more ankle length and just slightly tapered. They’re also purposefully tight across the butt and intentionally designed to prevent that bulge that jeans can get in the front … we all know that embarrassing bulge, right? Okay, I’ll admit that front bulge change makes them far less “Saturday Night Live” fodder than the mom jeans of yore. Perhaps these really are your answer? I’m not quite there.

Levis Wedgie Fit Jeans

This wash in the Levi’s Wedgie Fit jeans has sold out in all sizes below 30. But in the lighter wash and the white denim, almost all sizes are still available.

They have some Wedgie Fit shorts coming out soon also. That statement was uncomfortable to type out …

I’m still shocked at how popular this look is. It really does make your backside look much larger. Objectively so. But then again, it stops the muffin top … trading one annoyance for another, I suppose. But the muffin top is so much easier to hide.

More than anything, all the differences in denim out there prove a few things:

  • There really is something for everyone in Denim Land.
  • Find your look and make sure it says what you want it to say, as clothes have a voice before you even use your own. For example, on a 20-something, the wedgie look says “fashion forward and current,” but on a 40- or 50-something, it still says “mom jean” in the bad way, unless you really pair it perfectly with updated options. Even then, it’s still questionable on all but those few who just seem to be able to pull off anything.
  • You really need to shop at a local boutique, which earnestly wants you to return there time and again and keep you looking good … one that fits your style and budget and is looking at you as a long-term customer, not a one-time sale. Lean on them for advice. In the Wild West, that is the Internet, and with the amount of denim options out there today, you’ll likely need some fashion advice along the way. Your local store, with a trusted salesperson, is your best bet to find it.
  • This country has some true denim divides, as seen with the commentary on our bedazzled jeans article ( … you either HATE them (we do) or LOVE LOVE LOVE them, in which case you more than likely hate me at this point … ). Wondering what people had to say? See some of the comments here: Opinions Vary Greatly on Bedazzled Jeans.
  • If you are still overwhelmed, look for a local stylist in your market. This profession continues to grow, and most mid-size and large cities have a few from which to choose.

I’ll leave you with this: Wedgie Fit Jeans. I do love a company with a sense of humor!


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