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If you spend any time around the StyleBlueprint offices, you’ll quickly pick up on the fact that we’re a group who loves to share a fun find — in fact, that’s one of the reasons the site was created! In our monthly column, “The SB Hot List,” StyleBlueprint staffers share the hottest thing (or things!) on their radar right now. This month, we have everything from punny tees to binge-worthy TV shows to recipes to try. Here is this month’s edition of SB Hot List!


Life 360

My favorite thing right now is the Life 360 app. This is a free app that can track your kids. It will show you where they are, how fast they are driving, and you can instant message them. It is the world’s leading real-time, location sharing app. It is a family locator, message tool and communication app all in one.

– Ashley Holt, SB Birmingham Account Executive


My new favorite app (as I’m in fall break planning mode) is Roadtrippers. You input your starting point and final destination, and then you select what sort of stops interest you (points of interest, food & drink, outdoor activities, abandoned structures, etc.), and it tells you what’s available on your route. From there, you can add the desired stops to your road trip plan. It even calculates mileage and gas expense. The Griswolds are SUPER excited — and prepared — for fall break!

– Ashley Haugen, SB Managing Editor

Download Roadtrippers for all of your road trip planning needs!

Unfortunate Portrait

My favorite t-shirts are created by the anonymous creator of Unfortunate Portrait. The shirts themselves are admittedly quite pricey for a tee. However, the designs are innovative and funny, and the fit is ideal! Mine, for example, is the “Win-Win” … Oprah Winfrey + Anna Wintour high-fiving (obviously). Even if you don’t treat yourself to a t-shirt, you should throw him a follow on Instagram to see all of the creative sketches he comes up with.

— Annie Reeves, SB Editorial and Marketing Assistant

A taste of the Unfortunate Portrait Instagram account | Image: @unfortunateportrait

A Taste of Streep

Seeing as this account has 230K+ followers, I think I am late to the game, but I blessed @tasteofstreep with a follow yesterday and have been giggling ever since. The creator of this account is a genius. A clever genius.

Alex Hendrickson, SB Lead Writer/Associate Editor

Go ahead and follow @atasteofstreep — you won’t be disappointed! Image: @atasteofstreep


A Starbucks hack

Our readers may not know that the SB office is conveniently (and temptingly) located across the street from a Starbucks. I go there far more than I should and am always looking for menu hacks. A friend of mine recommended a great one recently that I have to pass along. On your next trip order a venti iced coffee with two pumps of pumpkin spice and coconut milk. It’s delicious and only lands you around 100 calories. It’s a great way to enjoy the PSL (pumpkin spice latte) season for a little less money and a lot less calories!

– Lacy Green, SB Traffic Manager

A healthier #PSL | Image: @starbucks

A new granola recipe

I’m currently obsessed with this granola recipe. It’s made with ingredients you probably already have at home and is endlessly customizable. I added chopped cashews, almonds and figs to mine. Warning: it’s highly addictive. I may or may not have gone through an entire batch this week alone…

– Megan Casey, SB Director of Marketing

The office approved of these granola bars, too! Image: Weelicious

TV shows, podcasts & music


My roommates and I have been deeply invested in “Suits” lately … and by deeply invested, I mean we have clocked about seven episodes the last two Sundays. Originally inspired to start watching out of intrigue following the one and only, newly royal Meghan Markle, we have quickly become addicted. The USA show (available to watch on Amazon Prime video) has it all — drama, comedy, non-committal 45-minute episodes, an adorable bromance and, of course, her royal highness. I highly recommend you start binging now.

– Peyton Haecker, SB Nashville Client Success Representative

“American Horror Story”

The return of “American Horror Story” — just in time to get me all fall- and Halloween-ready!

 Bailey Torkelson, SB Birmingham Client Success Representative

“The Closer”

“The Closer” on Amazon Prime is a favorite of ours right now!

– Cindy Acuff, SB Nashville Account Executive

SB Staffers have plenty of binge-worthy TV show recommendations!

“Law & Order: SVU”

I ALWAYS binge watch “Law & Order SVU” around fall time … don’t ask me, I just always have! I have 68 episodes recorded currently on my DVR.

– Katelyn Caughron, SB Memphis Client Success Representative

The Motet

We recently went to see an incredible dance band, The Motet. Give them a listen!

– Elizabeth Fox, Styleblueprint Cofounder

“The Daily”

I’m loving the NYTimesThe Daily” podcast as of late!

– Jesse Gillenwalters, SB Data Analyst

We hope you have found some new finds here, and see last month’s edition of the “Hot List” here!


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