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A new month means a new installment of The SB Hot List. In this month’s round-up, we’re sharing our new favorite snacks, books, TV series, technology accessories and more. Take a look at 11 of our newest discoveries — and find out why we can’t stop obsessing over them. Enjoy!

The SB Hot List: 11 of Our Newest Obsessions

Trader Joe’s Plantain Croutons

“If you’re like me, you’ve been crafting salads for lunch while working at home for a while now, and you need to elevate the same old mix. You need new flavors, some added excitement and a certain element of crunch. Enter: Trader Joe’s Plantain Croutons. These guys are salty, garlicky and SO crunchy. They’re the perfect topper to mix up your salad game. Add them to a soup or snack by the fistful.” — Peyton Haecker, Digital Marketing Analyst 

SB Hot List March: Trader Joe's plantain croutons

Mix up your lunchtime salads with these croutons from Trader Joe’s. Image: Trader Joe’s

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Everlasting Candle Co.

“My sister got me an Everlasting Candle for Christmas, and I love it! It comes as a pretty glass jar with three steel ‘candles.’ (There are a few colors available. I have the gold one.) You place the ‘candles’ in the jar with the accompanying oil and light the tops. Because the steel sticks never burn, they quite literally last forever, and because the oil is scent-free, it’s a great way to add that cozy, flickering ambiance a candle provides without any overpowering scent.” — Bailey Torkelson, SB Shop Manager

Everlasting Candle in kitchen

Unlike wax candles, Everlasting Candles don’t burn down or have an overwhelming scent. It’s a double win! Image: Instagram

The Thursday Murder Club

“I love reading and learning about true crime, but the topic can sometimes get scary and too dark. To switch things up while still satisfying my craving for a good mystery, I recently read The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman. It’s the perfect fictional whodunit tale mixed with a little comedy. The story follows a group of friends living in a retirement community as they try to solve a series of local murders. There’s plenty of twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.” — Brianna Goebel, Associate Editor/Staff Writer

The SB Hot List March: The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman

In this novel by Richard Osman, join members of The Thursday Murder Club as they try to catch a killer. Image: Amazon

“The Kindness Diaries”

“My favorite discovery recently is ‘The Kindness Diaries.’ The show follows a man named Leon who travels the world relying only on the kindness of strangers. The people he meets along the way are really inspiring, as is the footage of the places he travels through. It’s an all-around beautiful show.” — Lacy Green, Traffic Manager

The Kindness Diaries TV series

The Kindness Diaries” follows the journey of Leon Logothetis as the kindness of strangers helps him travel the world. Image: Amazon

AWAKE Chocolate

“For my birthday, one of my best friends got me a huge box of these caffeinated chocolate bites by AWAKE, and I am now OBSESSED. Each bite equals half a cup of coffee! These are a great pick-me-up after lunch or before a walk, and they taste amazing. My favorite flavor is caramel, but peanut butter is a close runner-up. Each bite is only 90 calories and definitely satisfies my sweet tooth!” — Taylor Justice, Marketing Associate

AWAKE chocolate

Satisfy your cravings for caffeine and something sweet with AWAKE Chocolate. Image: Facebook

Molly Baz’s Recipe Club

“I joined former Bon Appétit chef Molly Baz’s recipe club for $5 a month, and it has been the best! Each week there is a new recipe drop followed by a newsletter. Everything I have made has been delicious. My favorites include crispy broccoli and chickpea bowls with peanut sauce and peanut rice and her crunchwrap extreme.” — Anne Henley Walker, SEO Analyst

Crispy broccoli and chickpea bowl by Molly Baz

Create tasty dishes like this crispy broccoli and chickpea bowl when you join Molly Baz’s recipe club. Image: Instagram

VIVALLA Tablet Stand

“On a recent trip to IKEA, I found this iPad stand and picked it up on a whim, thinking it might be nice to add to my work-from-home setup. And I’m so glad I did! I’ve found myself using it all the time — from watching videos while I cook to keep me company to a nice, compact way to FaceTime friends and family. Not to mention, it’s perfect for Netflix binges!” — Emily Beene, Account Executive

VIVALLA tablet stand from Ikea

Made of bamboo, this tablet stand is both functional and stylish. Image: IKEA

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“I’m not a huge protein bar gal, but I grabbed a box of FITCRUNCH snack bars the last time I was at Costco, and I’m hooked. They’re not your typical bar that’s chewy or chalky, which is awesome. And pro tip: put it in the microwave to let the chocolate melt next time you have a sweet tooth.” — Katelyn Caughron, Local Business Partner Client Success Representative

FITCRUNCH snack bars

FITCRUNCH snack bars are packed with protein and flavor. The best part? They only contain three grams of sugar. Image: Facebook

Stabilo Fine Point Pens

“You know you’re adulting big time when a set of pens brings you joy! I got these Stabilo fine point pens as a gift, and I can’t speak highly enough of them. From pretty-ing up my Post-It notes to color-coding my calendar, they add some pizazz to my work-from-home experience. Not to mention, the fine point makes my handwriting look better than it is, so I’m sold.” — Jenna Bratcher, Lead Nashville Writer/Associate Editor

Pack of Stabilo fine point pens

Add some color to your work-from-home life with these Stabilo fine point pens. Image: Amazon

Febreze Home Collection Candles

“I know what you’re thinking … FEBREZE? Candles? Ew! I picked up two Febreze Home Collection candles for $10 on sale at Publix before the snowstorm, and now they’ll be in my candle rotation. It’s a soy blend candle with essential oils. They burn so slowly and evenly and completely fill the room with the scent. Perfect for a guest bath or foyer, you can flip the label to the back to display the pretty glass vessel. The two scents I picked up are almond sugar and white rose and green tea, but there are dozens.” — Zoe Yarborough, Staff Writer

Febreze Home Collection Candle

Add a Febreze Home Collection candle to your rotation … and thank us later. Image: Febreze Home Collection


“My friend just introduced me to a four-year-old app called Libby. You can download all kinds of books for free through your public library. If you don’t have a library card, you can get one online that will carry you 45 days before you need to show your ID in person at the library. I just downloaded the audiobook for The Dutch House … I can’t believe I’m just now learning about Libby!” — Ginny Staggs, Director of Sales

The SB Hot List, March: Libby app

Borrowing ebooks and audiobooks from your local library is easy with Libby. Plus, it’s free! Image: Instagram

We hope you’ve found something new to explore!


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