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As another hot month comes to a close, we’re sharing the hottest items on our radar right now. From the candles we’re burning to preemptively welcome fall, to Amazon finds we can’t stop talking about, we’re sharing a peek into Monday morning conversations in the StyleBlueprint office! Here’s this month’s edition of the SB Hot List.

The SB Hot List: August 2019

NARS Tinted Moisturizer

NARS tinted moisturizer has been my latest and greatest discovery. I am not a big makeup person, and this is a moisturizer with a little bit of color to knock out two things at once. I usually just put this moisturizer on, my concealer and mascara, and I am out the door. A little pricey, but it’s lasted me for almost four months now!”

Katelyn Caughron, SB Memphis Client Success Representative

NARS Tinted Moisturizer, $45 | Image: Sephora

“The Clearing” Podcast

“I’m totally hooked on ‘The Clearing,’ a podcast how Edward Wayne Edwards’ daughter, April, suspected he was a serial killer and subsequently turned him in to police. Hearing her describe what it was like growing up — how her father would explain away strange behaviors or the need to move every so often on a dime (after he’d committed murders) — is nothing short of fascinating. It’s a first-hand account about what it’s like growing up with a sick-minded criminal for a father, and it’s just as fascinating how she turned out so normal.”

Ashley Haugen, SB Editorial Director

Medcursor Neck and Shoulder Massager

“Like many, I have a tendency to hold a lot of my stress in my upper back and shoulders. Occasionally, I will indulge in a massage (or beg a roommate to rub my shoulders!), but recently, I decided to try something new. After perusing reviews, I stumbled upon this neck and shoulder massager on Amazon with glowing recommendations and an affordable price tag. I’ve put it to use each night since it arrived, and it lives up to the hype! At just $33.99, it’s a much more cost-efficient way to manage stress and tension in my back.”

Annie Reeves, SB Nashville Lead Writer and Associate Editor

Bonus: It comes with a car adapter, even though they don’t advise using it while driving. Image: Amazon

(Early) Fall Candle

“It may not be fall on the calendar, but it is in my heart (and my house). I’ve been burning this delicious salted caramel candle from Root Candle, turning down the A.C. to 65 degrees and pretending it’s mid-October for weeks, and I cannot be stopped. This candle smells amazing and added bonus — it’s made with a natural beeswax blend using essential oils and an all-natural fiber wick, so it’s a clean burn! While I love their fall scents, all bets are off when their Christmas fragrances launch.”

Taylor Justice, SB Birmingham Client Success Representative

Is it too early for fall candles? We say … whatever makes you happy! Image: Root Candles

Tarte Self Tanner

“This only applies to those who self-tan, but I have tried waaaay too many products that made me orange, splotchy or fade too quickly, but I have officially found the perfect tanner! It’s from the cosmetic company, Tarte, which is known for its good-for-skin products. I prefer the Glow With the Faux tanner, but the Braziliance lotion is great too. Both come with an application mitt. The application is foolproof and unlike any other tanner I’ve used, it actually smells good. It has a hint of vanilla but no potent tanner smell. You leave it on for at least four hours then wash off in the shower, and it leaves a natural-looking glow meant to apply once or twice per week. Each bottle costs about $40 (same price as most spray tans) and offers five to six uses.”

Bailey Torkelson, SB Editorial & Marketing Assistant Manager

Use Tarte’s self-tanner for a summer glow year-round! Image: Sephora

Pure Beech Sheets

“My family got these Pure Beech sheets at our house about a year ago, and I am not exaggerating when I say that every single guest who spends the night asks where they can get them. We now each have them in our current homes, and they are the absolute dreamiest sheets I have ever experienced. Take my word for it and grab a set ASAP from Bed Bath & Beyond, and your standard for bed sheets will be forever changed.”

Peyton Haecker, SB Digital Analyst

Try these uber-soft sheets for a cozy update to your bedroom! Image: Bed Bath & Beyond

Fun Reading Glasses

“Since I wear reading glasses every day, I like to have a variety of colors and styles to soften the sting of being the age where reading glasses are required. These were a fun find on Amazon. They were a little chunkier than most, and they come in a variety of colors and powers. They’re super reasonable, too!”

Melissa Thompson, SB Regional Account Executive

These everyday eyeglasses ($12.99) have a slightly wider rim for a trendy look.

PF Candle Co: Golden Coast

PF Candle Company’s Golden Coast is a must-have scent for your house. The notes of eucalyptus, sea salt, redwood and palo santo bring the perfect aroma for when you’re hanging out around the house or having company over!”

— Brendan English, SB Nashville Client Success Representative

This delicious scent is one you won’t tire of. Image: P.F. Candle Co.

“The Sinner”

“The hubs and I recently finished watching “The Sinner” on Netflix. Season 1 was incredible, and the second season was great too! It kept us hooked for about six days until we finished both seasons, and we are crossing our fingers for a third! It’s a great one for a quick binge, but it’ll leave you wanting more.”

Lauren Cummings, SB Business Coordinator

Microplane Herb and Salad Chopper

“I received some fun kitchen gadgets from The Kitchen in Nashville for my birthday, and one of my favorites is the Microplane Herb and Salad Chopper. It’s a mezzaluna design and so very sharp. I love that it has a retractable blade safety lock and can be thrown in the dishwasher. Use for fresh herbs — even nuts and chocolate. The package says you can cut lettuce, but that’s a stretch — it’s made for the small stuff!”

Ginny Staggs, SB Director of Sales

This little kitchen tool makes chopping herbs a breeze. Image: Amazon

SB Shop Favorite

“Our shop is packed with so many things. One of my favorites is the Regatta Reserve monogram hat. The company uses the nautical alphabet to personalize its hats instead of letters. Plus there are a bunch of Southern city options – BNA, BHM, MEM, LOU, CLT, ATL. It’s perfect for lovers of sand, sea and sun!”

— Megan Casey, SB Marketing Director

Snag your Regatta Reserve cap for $35 at SB Shop!

We hope you found something you love as much as we do! Looking for more? Check out our SB Hot List archives here.


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