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We’ve been publishing Thanksgiving recipes for years on StyleBlueprint, and we stand behind each of them as blue ribbon winners … you know, blue ribbon in our own households!

Before we get started with all the rest of the recipes we have today, we want to introduce you to the Tarta de Santiago. This┬ádessert is deceptively simple. In fact, the entire ingredient list consists of just almonds, eggs, sugar, lemon and orange zest, almond extract and confectioners sugar. That’s it! This is sure to be a new favorite at many holiday tables … and other occasions as well.

Tarta de Santiago
This dessert is deceptively simple and for those to whom this matters, it’s also gluten-free! Read the recipe here.

Now onto the rest! Let’s start with cocktails and make our way through our meal with appetizers, sides, the turkey, and dessert!


Bourbon and Thanksgiving pair perfectly! Here are three seasonal cocktail recipes featuring bourbon … guaranteed to be tasty. See details here.


Make a charcuterie board and put it out all day for guests to munch on. To make the perfect pairings, read here.
SB Thanksgiving Appetizer
Just assemble and roll this easy Thanksgiving appetizer. For directions, read here.
Once cooled, place a pecan half atop each date.
Another quick Thanksgiving appetizer are these chevre-stuffed dates. For details, read here.


These Brussels sprouts are "wetter" than roasted ones, but that chicken stock/butter/bacon grease + herb coating is absolutely delicious.
These Brussels sprouts are “wetter” than roasted ones, but that chicken stock/butter/bacon grease + herb coating is absolutely delicious. For the full recipe, see here.
Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Pecans
Another Brussels sprouts recipe (we have so many!) is this one with pecans: read more here.
Cranberry Apple Relish
For this cranberry apple relish, and seven more recipes by famous and not-so-famous chefs around the South, click here.


Brine and cook: the perfect turkey
For a recipe that one of our co-founders has been using for over 12 years (both in the oven and grilled), this is it. It’s soooooo good! Read more here.


These pecan pie truffles are one of our most popular recipes … ever. Enough said. Read more here.
Apple and tart cherry pie fall 2016|
Why have an apple pie when you could have an apple AND cherry pie?! Yep … more details here.
Apple Crumble Pie, from "The Southern Pantry" cookbook by Jennifer Chandler, photo credit: Justin Fox Burks
That said, we totally get that sometimes you just want the traditional apple pie … well this apple crumble pie is AMAZING! It’s from The Southern Pantry cookbook by Jennifer Chandler. Image: Justin Fox Burks | For the complete recipe, read more here.

There you have it, a great roundup of some of our favorite recipes to get your Thanksgiving off to the perfect start, middle and finish! Above all, embrace your family and friends and have a fabulous day! Cheers, everyone!


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