Whether it be a jacket or bag, there’s an easy and timeless class that comes with leather. However, it can be a challenge to find brands that ensure quality and durability. Look no further: We’ve found some Tennessee leather makers who combine form with function in their stylish products. A unique story is behind every handmade accessory below. Read on to discover durable, classy and unique leather products for any lifestyle, all by Tennessee makers.

This is our first installment of three articles featuring Tennessee leathermakers, as we can’t get enough of these Tennessee brands! Look for more local brands featured over the next few months.

Hanner Clarke ● Brentwood, TN

Hanner Clarke is run by leather makers Jane Hanner Allen and Rebecca Hanner White. These sisters are lawyers-turned-purse creators. While they both have notable legal careers, Jane and Rebecca started their business because of their “years of searching for the perfect handbag.”

The sisters’ handbags are timeless and stylish. Moreover, they prioritize detail, high quality, and customer satisfaction. Hanner and Clarke’s most popular handbag is The Evelyn, a “lightweight, versatile, classic and feminine” bag that comes in an array of colors. In addition, bestsellers are The Theresa and The Maren wristlet.


Hanner Clarke’s best-selling bag is The Evelyn. Image: Hanner Clarke


The Theresa pops with Hanner Clarke orange, the brand’s newest color. Image: Hanner Clarke


The Maren can attach to The Wristlet, making it a versatile clutch. Image: Hanner Clarke

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SAVAS ● Nashville, TN

Since 2014, SAVAS has crafted leather jackets and accessories in its downtown Nashville studio. Savannah Yarborough, the leather maker behind the brand, is a designer who combines her Southern roots with her British education. After school, she became the senior menswear designer at Billy Reid, where she “created the elegant tailoring, rich materials, and subtle charm” of her American label.

SAVAS products have been sent from their Southern studio to athletes, rockstars, and other stylish consumers all around the world. Made with Italian leather, their trademark jackets “flow seamlessly into any wardrobe.” Moreover, with their Custom Collection, you can hand-pick your style, leather, and hardware to create your perfect jacket. You only need one meeting, and your personalized jacket will be ready to wear in 4-6 weeks!


Savannah says of her products, “Think hot nights and whiskey on ice; the scruffy, decadent, pulsing electric energy of rock & roll.” Image: SAVAS


An embroidered interior tattoo design is a unique touch to the brand’s leather jackets. Image: SAVAS


In addition to jackets, SAVAS also makes bags and guitar straps. Image: SAVAS

ABLE ● Nashville, TN

In 2010, after seeing poverty-stricken women in Ethiopia turn to desperate measures for money, Barrett and Rachel Ward started ABLE, an ethical leather brand whose mission is “to challenge the culture of the fashion industry by creating transformative opportunities for women all over the world.” In like manner, ABLE became the first brand to publish their lowest wages.

ABLE launched with handwoven scarves. They have since expanded to include leather bags and jewelry, plus shoes and clothing. All of their products are handmade in Nashville, TN, by women overcoming hardships of their own. Their popular products include the Solome Tote and the Meron Backpack. This brand runs on women helping women, and we love it!


ABLE’s mission of protection and empowerment is woven into every product, such as the Meron Backpack. Image: ABLE


The Maria Crossbody is perfect for going “hands-free to concerts and farmers markets alike.” Image: ABLE


The Solome Tote takes you “from day to night” with a removable clutch. Image: ABLE

Colonel Littleton ● Lynnville, TN

Colonel Littleton, the creator of Colonel Littleton Leather Co., is a leather maker in every sense of the word. As a result, his products range from leather bags and belts to coaster sleeves and phone cases. “I’ve always been a collector by nature,” says the colonel. “I’ve always wanted to know how and why something worked.”

The colonel and his team design and assemble every product in Lynnville, Tennessee. The company’s newest products include tumbler cases and briefcases. Moreover, several leather gift guides feature products for graduation, groomsmen, and more. The colonel hopes his “products have staying power” and become special family heirlooms.


This Leather Book Bag is inspired by an antique military briefcase. Image: Col. Littleton Co.


Even your drinks can sport leather gear with Col. Littleton’s Leather Tumbler Sleeve. Image: Col. Littleton Co.


Every purchased product from this leather maker comes with a handwritten note from the shop. Image: Col. Littleton Co.

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Hunker Bag Co. ● Nashville, TN

Denton Hunker, the drummer for Texas band Green River Ordinance, needed a duffel bag for going on tour. So, he made his own. With self-taught talent and sewing experience from his grandmother, he created the first of many bags. He got so many compliments on his craft that in 2015, Hunker Bag Co. was born!

In their East Nashville studio, Denton and his partner, Ashley, design, cut, sew, test, and package each bag. The high-quality leather and TexWax wax made to construct the bags are locally and ethically sourced. Hunker Bag Co. crafts men’s and women’s travel bags, briefcases, totes, wallets, and more. The “luxurious, functional, and unique” bags are stylish and will withstand the rigors of everyday and tour life alike!


These bags embody Nashville’s “Music City” nickname with their maker’s musical background. Image: Ashley Bard


Hunker Bag Co. strives to make “functional yet trendy travel bags,” such as the Bard Tote. Image: Ashley Bard


Each bag, such as the Weston Brief, are carefully crafted and made to order. Image: Ashley Bard

These leather makers bring craftsmanship to the table with their goods. We love how they share their Tennessee-based products with the rest of the world. Style your closet with any of these handmade accessories!


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