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As the song goes, “your boyfriend’s back, he’s gonna ruin your reputation, hey now.”  Well, not if you do it first.  Revenge is what motivates a new website I discovered through my friend Julie in Newport (a true trend finder), it is called

Ex Boyfriend Jewelry

As the site states:  Welcome to EXBOYFRIENDJEWELRY.COM – a site where you can buy/sell/trade and blog about all of those little reminders in your jewelry box that make you wonder “what did I ever see in him?”, or “where have all the cowboys gone?”

You set your own price.  You get it off your chest and out of your sight.  Just because you don’t want it, doesn’t mean somebody else isn’t dying for it.  Everyone’s a winner!  Maybe you love him, maybe you never want to speak to him again, but either way, you’re ready to move on and make a little rent money in the process.

It is a glorified eBay site, but with stories accompanying each piece of sad, sad jewelry.  Tales of woe like “beautiful college boy, just the wrong puzzle piece”  or  simply, “jerk, jerk, jerk. ”  The categories include all kinds of jewelry with rings leading the pack, of course.  A close second is Gifts That Should Have Been Jewelry.  Some sellers have a real sense of humor, most are still fuming. However, there is some really good loot on the site.


Probably the most famous person to publicly dump her jewelry was Ellen Barkin.  Her jewels were worth about 15 million.  The auction held at Christie’s competed with the Duchess of Windor and Princess Salina Aga Khan.  I’m a real fan of  hers after seeing  Sea of Love. Most of our unloved loot stays quietly in our jewelry boxes, maybe it’s time to purge and splurge on

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