Sure, half the fun of a vacation is planning the vacation, right? Unless it’s not. Life is busy, and planning your perfect weekend getaway and all the possibilities is sometimes overwhelming. Do you want to drive or fly? Where should you go? Where should eat and stay? Oh, you now are realizing that you don’t have eight hours to plan your 72-hour getaway. So, what to do? Let it be a surprise destination … say hello to Pack Up + Go.

Pack Up + Go is a “surprise travel agency,” which means that they will plan your trip entirely, but you have no idea where you are going until the day of your trip. But wait! How will you know what to pack? The weather? Plane tickets? People, calm down. Pack Up + Go has you covered — the small and large details alike.

Surprise Destination

This couple just opened their packet, at the airport, and found out that they are going to Charleston, SC! Image: Instagram

So, how does this surprise travel agency work? It’s pretty clever. You fill out a quiz, which consists of things you like to do, where you’ve been, any upcoming trips, etc. This way, you can go to a new city that is guaranteed not be one you were already planning to travel to. Pack Up + Go will let you know what weather to pack for and give you some guidelines, all while keeping the destination a secret. You’ll get your envelope, but you are not supposed to open it up until you are at the airport or in your car.

“By far the best vacation we’ve taken! We’re super busy, so sitting down to plan anything just isn’t happening. Even if we did, we wouldn’t have ended up where we did … and we loved it! Though my husband was skeptical at first, during our dinner he said that we should do all of our vacations this way!” – Tifanie P.

Pack Up + Go has been around for a little over two years, specializing in surprise three-day weekend trips. It all started when founder Lilian Rapson was hiking in Eastern Europe. She met some people who were on a surprise weekend trip, and Lilian wanted to bring this same idea to America. All trips are three to four hours away from your home city, regardless of transportation. And, speaking of transportation and budget, most people who book through Pack Up + Go do elect to fly, but it is not a requirement.

Surprise Destination

Lillian Rafson, founder of Pack Up + Go, on one of her many travels | Image: Pack Up + Go

Surprise Destination

For people lucky enough to go to Portland, Oregon, you may find flowers just like these! Image: Instagram

Surprise Destination

Washington, DC is a beautiful city to explore and has so much to explore! Image: Instagram

What else do you need to know? You’ll need to give Pack Up + Go at least four weeks notice to plan the trip. You will stay in either a hotel or a bed & breakfast. They will book you in one of 75 cities around the country, and you will receive a suggested itinerary for activities and meals. Most people will stick to the itinerary completely, while others just use it as a soft guide for what to do. If you are worried about reservations for dinner, you can request that Pack Up + Go make your reservations in advance. For air travel, the minimum budget is $650 per person. For road trips, the minimum budget is $400 per person. The cost covers your transportation and hotel, and all hotels are nice, centrally located hotels! Before, during and after your trip, there is 24/7 customer service provided by Pack Up + Go to make sure that you enjoy your experience.

“This was one of the best trips of our lives! Honestly. It far exceeded our expectations and was above and beyond what we would have ever dreamed of. [The trip] started out great and continued to wow us along the way. On day two, we didn’t think the trip could get any better, and every place we explored left us giddy. Very well done and we’ll be back, with our friends and family, for more!” – Kristen Y.

“Our trip was amazing. Being parents to two little ones, Pack Up + Go was a great way for us to book a trip without the hassle of planning a trip while taking care of your family and working!” – Niki D.

Surprise Destination

These cuties got to go to Denver for the weekend! Image: Instagram

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