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I’m not sure about you, but sometimes I buy peaches that are not quite ripe and I’m too impatient to wait, so I bite in anyway. Well, this happened recently but dang it, I wanted those peaches then and there! So, I came up with a simple recipe to deal with this situation and make the best of those peaches and bring out their flavor potential. Now, if you  have ripe peaches, this works also, but the peaches won’t be as firm and as heating them makes them sweeter, ripe peaches will make for a far sweeter salad, which will be super yummy as well.

A simple easy summer meal, when your peaches aren't quite ripe!

A simple easy summer meal, when your peaches aren’t quite ripe!

For this quickie weeknight meal, I sliced up chicken andouille sausage (use whichever link sausage you like best) and sautéed it with 1 T of olive oil and 2 peaches, firm and not quite ripe, cubed. Heat them together until the sausage is seared.

Take a large handful of arugula and place on a plate and drizzle with T Lish Sweet Garlic Dressing (if you don’t have any, drizzle with olive oil and red vinegar). Take approx 3/4 cup of sausage/peach mixture and toss it with arugula. Lastly, add some avocado to the top. If you like cheese, some goat or blue cheese would be a nice addition. Add sea salt to taste.

Peach Arugula Avocado Sausage Salad

A filling and satisfying salad!

Summer Peach, Sausage, Avocado and Arugula Salad

Liza Graves
If you have peaches that are not quite ripe, or you are looking for a quick weeknight meal, this recipe fits the bill.
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Course Salad
Cuisine American


  • Your favorite link sausage I use chicken andouille sausage
  • 2 T olive oil
  • 2 not-quite ripe firm peaches, cubes (with skins on--remember this is easy! No peeling!)
  • 1-2 avocados my family is a 1/2 avocado per person family, so we need at least 2 avocados.
  • Arugula greens I buy mine in the large clamshell, pre-washed
  • Sea salt to finish
  • Suggestion: add chopped cilantro and/or thinly sliced Vidalia onion to add more layers of flavor to this salad.


  • Sautee diagonally sliced sausage and diced peaches, with 2 T olive oil, until sausage is seared (about 5 min).
  • Layer arugula with the sausage mixture and toss with T Lish Sweet Garlic Dressing (or olive oil & vinegar).
  • Avocado chopped and layered on top.
  • Sprinkle with sea salt to taste
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