Well, we’re here in the thick of it, the big, blah post-holiday let down. Santa has ridden off in his sleigh and the decorations have been put away leaving our homes and yards looking a little sparse. The once fabulous and festive store fronts are now all boasting SALES – ugh –  and there is nothing new to look at! This bleak time of year always gives me a little touch of seasonal depression. Sure, I love a bargain just like anyone else, but in the depths of winter when you are desperate to perk up your look, where can you turn? 

The good news is, the holiday season may have come and gone, but the sparkle doesn’t have to. The statement necklace can give your wardrobe the spice you need to make it to spring and beyond. Use this time to take inventory of your accessories and make the most of what is already hanging in your closet. Give your clothes new life and nip winter blues in the bud beginning at the neckline.

Indigo has a nice selection of cool necklaces.

The statement necklace is my favorite accessory, in addition to purses and scarves—oh I can’t pick just one, let’s be real.

My treasure trove. My husband thinks it’s a sickness; I call it a carefully curated collection.

What qualifies as a statement necklace truly runs the gamut from the bib and the collar to longer lengths. Making a statement (i.e. taking center stage where an outfit is concerned) is the key! They can be crafted from chains, beads, metals, resins and rocks, oh my! The best thing about making this kind of statement is that by carefully curating your collection, these gems will be staples that you can pull from year-round and for years to come when styling your look.

Anthropologie has you covered in the necklace department. Most are under $60.

While some necklaces might be more of an investment, you don’t have to spend a lot to make a big impact. In fact, some of my favorite costume pieces have been unreal finds, and now is a great time to shop those sales I mentioned earlier. Whether you are looking for the perfect cocktail dress complement or polishing your everyday uniform, here’s a round-up of some fresh options when it comes to all things worn ‘round your neck. I’ve included some bargain baubles, too, and sure, they might not last a lifetime, but do we want every trend to live forever?

So what should you be shopping for this year? Regardless of the neckline, the lengths are getting shorter, favoring the bib or collar in every shade of the rainbow over the long chains of yore. However, don’t be mistaken, proportions are ever-important and long layered chains still have their place.

Here are some of my favorites!

(Click on the images for more information.)

Becca Belz knows how to do the statement necklace and how fabulous would this be for Valentine’s Day! $225.


Forever 21’s take on the collar necklace in rhinestones $10.80.


J. Crew’s famous bubble necklace,


Draw attention up with this boho beaded bib. $40 at More Therapy.


This ivory beaded necklace with copper fish will be fantastic now and all summer long. $230 at Kittie Kyle.

More is always more, especially when it comes to chains, so pile on several in varying lengths. I shop antique stores year-round for these goodies. I adore this RVC chain necklace made from a vintage Chanel zipper pull from More Therapy that gives the illusion of several layers.


RVC recycled vintage Chanel $260 at More Therapy.

I particularly love unexpected pairings like chunky necklaces made of weighty rocks with light-as-air blouses, rhinestones with T-shirts and edgy spikes with a cocktail dress.  

Chunky turquoise necklace, $105, from the Lauren Elan Collection.

And speaking of spikes … spice up your statement staple repertoire and get some!

ASOS Signature Spike Necklace, $43.98.


Artemis Gold Necklace by Lulu Frost, $265.


Spiked Box Chain Necklace, $10.80, Forever 21.

Pair the following vintage inspired glamorous pieces with your favorite crew neck cashmere sweater for an elevated, effortless and elegant look by day and then enjoy the sparkle with a strapless party dress by night.

Sparkly vintage feel for, $325, at Kittie Kyle.


Beautiful bouquet from J. Crew, $228.


Fun pop of color from Forever 21, under $14.80

These precious metals give an awesome, otherworldly vibe that transcends the seasons:

Ladder link necklace by Jewel Mint, $29.99.


This stunning gold bib necklace from Kittie Kyle knows no season, $235.


Pointed Filigree Necklace, Forever 21, $14.80.

And finally, with these funky, stand-alone stunners no one will even remember what clothes you were wearing. They will instantly perk up a dark monochromatic ensemble now, and imagine how pretty they will be with lighter shades come summer!

This Brave Designs killer necklace is available at Spruce and is made from turquoise howlite spiked beads & vintage triangle drops with rhinestones, $120.


Local designer Meri Hite offers this one-of-a-kind look at Kittie Kyle for $290.


Alexis Bittar, $475, at Oak Hall.


Stand out in this white hot link necklace, $100 at Kittie Kyle.

When shopping, keep your eyes peeled year-round for finds that will be equally fabulous with more than one outfit in your closet. They can make the ensemble truly memorable and one you’ll go back to time and time again. Don’t save them just for special occasions! Showcase all of your accessories so that you can see what you have to work with and make every day an occasion to play in your jewelry box.

When the time comes to give your favorite bling a break, stash them safely away to revisit another day or maybe even another decade because as we’ve seen, nothing is new anymore. The clothes may fade, but (most) jewels are forever. Your daughter will love going shopping in your jewelry box. Some of my most cherished necklaces were my mother’s. (Thanks, Mom!) I wear them with great love and pride and even a sense of nostalgia for the groovy, good times I imagine they have witnessed before my time.

Here’s a statement I will likely be making, Chew Beads. Safe for teething baby to chew on and surprisingly cute too! Available at Cotton Tails.


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