Today, we’ve enlisted the help of organizational expert Mridu Parikh to help us get our closets in order. Five easy steps can make a world of difference in both your appearance and your mindset. Welcome, Mridu!

As much as you couldn’t wait to throw on your shorts and flip-flops, you’re pining for the days you can use a wrap, or wear your skinny jeans without breaking a sweat. What to do while awaiting that first chilly night? There’s no better time for a wardrobe assessment, which will nip the “I have nothing to wear!” complaint in the bud. Here are five easy ways to transform what’s in your closet.

#1: Focus on the “F” word.

No one wakes up thinking I can’t wait to look unattractive and shabby today. So why keep clothes that make you feel anything less than fabulous? Here’s a sign it’s time to let an article of clothing go. You try it on, look in the mirror and put on something else. (You might have already done this this morning). Hint: If you don’t like how you feel in it today, you’re not going to like how you feel in it tomorrow. So why hold on? Let. It. Go! And when you’re left with a closet full of clothes you love to wear, you’ll find getting dressed more pleasurable, easy and fun.

Let this question guide you: “Do I love how I feel in this?” Ask yourself this question for everything from your yoga pants to your swanky cocktail dress, even if it means halving the size of your wardrobe. (Think quality, not quantity.) Brutal honesty is your key to avoiding unnecessary “fat and frumpy” feelings and making room for a more fabulous lifestyle.

#2: Color code.

Digging through shelves and rods to match the right shirt to your skirt is a shortcut to high blood pressure, especially when you’re trying to get out the door in the morning. But seeing all your black shirts aligned and white sweaters side by side, makes completing an outfit less painful, less time consuming and less daunting.

Sorting your clothes by color not only helps when you need to find the right match, but it also helps identify gaps in your wardrobe or your personal style patterns. You might not have noticed that 75 percent of your wardrobe was navy and black until you hung your clothes by color. It might entice you to add more neutrals or pattern to your wardrobe. It might also remind you that you won’t need another pair of black pants until 2020, but that you’re still in search of that perfect white shirt.

#3: One in, one out.

You’re elated about your fabulous and sorted clothes, so now it’s time to go shopping. But here’s the deal. For every new item you bring in, you need to get one out. It’s easier than you think, once you commit to doing it. You can always find something worn, pilled, out of style, overused or fallen out of love with—if you really try. By embracing this habit you’ll prevent your closet from overflowing and getting cluttered. Hint: A great way to ensure you do this is to get rid of any extra hangers, so you’ll always need to eliminate an item before hanging up a new one.

#4: Let go of “what if?”

What if I lose 10 pounds? What if bell bottoms come back in fashion? What if my daughter can fit into this one day?

These scenarios keep you in indefinite limbo mode. They prevent you from moving forward, continue to pile up your clutter and add to the anxiety of thinking about what to do with all of these items. If you lose weight, treat yourself to new clothes. If bell bottoms come back, they’ll never come back the same way. And if your daughter fits into your clothes one day, will you two really have the same style at that time?

Move past “what if?” and embrace “oh well!”

#5: Think dual purpose.

When bringing new items into your wardrobe, focus on pieces that serve more than one purpose. For example, find a dress that can be worn during the day and dressed up for night with the help of a belt or other accessories. Or opt for a tank that can be worn to the gym and duo as a top under a jacket, or jeans that work well with flats or heels.

It’s natural to think that less clothes will give you less variety, but on the contrary, it can elevate your creativity in putting together outfits. Versatile clothing allows you to mix and match more frequently, which lowers your time and frustration while getting dressed. Yes, friends, even in the closet, less is the new more.

You can find more tips to organizational bliss on Mridu’s 5-day free organizing series, which can be found here:

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