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Jeans are a-changing. Some embellishment is back, but not in the same bedazzled pocket way. You’ll find embroidered jeans and even a little sparkle. You’ll also find major changes in the hem, and these changes are found in all styles: cropped, flared and full length.

Three styles we are seeing the most of are the split-seam (also called side-split and split-hem), the flared crop and the frayed hem. While some of these have been around for a couple of years, there is a new emphasis here. We’re looking at each of these styles today by highlighting three pairs in each category that show off the style well.


We talked about this look last week when we highlighted the major trends of the upcoming season. The split-seam look is flattering, and it’s fun. If you embrace this trend in your jeans, just know that it’s likely not going to be quite as on-trend in a few years, but hey, you’ll wear them so much that it’s okay!

If you love skinny jeans, but they are just a little too snug around your calves, you are in luck that this split-seam look is so popular this season! The look is flattering and of-the-moment with skinnies and flares. These, by Madewell, are $128. Details here.
This split-hem look is not just for cropped and/or skinny jeans. Seen here, the look is great with a flared full-length jean as well. These feature a released hem as well, which is highly popular. These are $68. Details here.
These jeans by FRAME are all-style, all day and all night. Highly rated, these jeans are definitely a splurge, but one that many are finding worth it as they are versatile and flattering. Get them for $269. Details here.

Cropped and Flared

This look has been sneaking its way in, but it’s a serious contender now. It’s flattering to many and much easier to wear for certain body types over the skinny crop. But inches matter here, so make sure your length is below your calf and above your ankle for the most flattering length. While these are cropped, think of them more like “shorter ankle jeans.”

On sale for just $49 (and available in black as well), this pair from The Gap is worth serious consideration. Details here.
This vintage look (which includes flat, large front pockets) is popular with many styles, including the cropped, flared style. For casual fun that considers all the details, at a great price that allows you to have fun with this trend, these Caslon jeans are fabulous. Find them for $79. Details here.
A darker wash and higher waist with a non-frayed hem make these jeans at once refined and on-trend as we enter fall. Available from J.Crew in petite, regular and tall for $125. Details here.

Frayed Hem

While not a new look per se, it’s one that has hit mainstream in a huge way this fall. While jeans with holes are still prevalent, it’s this relaxed hem that is the most on-trend, whether the rest of your jeans are in perfect shape or a bit tattered.

These jeans from J.Crew sport a higher waist, cropped length and a not-so-wide bottom seam that is frayed. Comes in petite, regular and tall to give you flexibility in length, which is greatly appreciated. Find them for $125. Details here.
The high-low hem so popular in skirts and dresses has found its way to the bottom seam of jeans, including these by Good American. This look is almost always a frayed edge that looks like you took scissors to the hem, but it shows off an ankle nicely. Great to wear with booties, heels and flats. Find these for $169. Details here.
These black skinny Paige jeans are ultra flattering. Their raw edge and high-low seam are cut at an angle and provide a bit of refinement to this look that can sometimes feel a little “craft project.” No craft project here — just pure, on-trend style. Find these for $199. Details here.
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