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Just as April brings blooming flowers, the South’s best shops are also blossoming with new arrivals for our homes, closets and outdoor agendas. This month’s FINDS are instant mood boosters — and you don’t even have to leave your home. Support small businesses by shopping these 16 fresh Southern FINDS online!



Perfect for the beach, trail or your next shopping excursion, this multicolored backpack is the accessory you need for all the activities you’re planning this season. Throw in your sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks and more. Plus, the colors are totally warm-weather-worthy. Find this backpack for $68 at Hemline Memphis.

Southern FINDS April: Multicolored backpack at Hemline Memphis

Multicolored backpack, $68, at Hemline Memphis | Image: Hemline Memphis

On-trend shorts

New trend alert! Leather shorts are in, and we are here for it. If you’re a leather or faux leather skeptic, April is the perfect time to try out this new trend before it gets too hot and humid. This pretty tan pair are the perfect length and match with almost anything you already have in your closet. Grab this pair for $39 from Moda Boutique.

Tan leather shorts from Moda Boutique

Leather shorts, $39, from Moda Boutique | Image: Moda Boutique

Pintuck top

This spring, catch us under the sun in bright and airy tops like this one. With beautiful pastels and dramatic shoulder detailing, this is the perfect chic-meets-comfortable combo we love. Find it for $159 at Elle Birmingham.

Southern FINDS April: Pintuck top from Elle Birmingham

Pintuck top, $159, from Elle Birmingham | Image: Elle Birmingham

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Tie-dye is still so in this season, and so is this midi-length flowy dress style! Wear it to work or to a boozy brunch with the girls. Find it for $99 at Two Brunettes.

Southern FINDS April: Tie-Dye Dress from KK Bloom

Dress, $99, at Two Brunettes | Image: Two Brunettes

Straw hat

We’ve seen so many brimmed and wide-brimmed hats all over, but this one piqued our interest because of its breezy texture and raw edges. Pack this straw hat on your next vacation for a stylish accessory and to protect you from the rays. Find it for $52 at Shelby Jewel.

Straw hat at Shelby Jewel

Straw hat, $52, at Shelby Jewel | Image: Shelby Jewel


Blue lavender latte blend

Make your own superfood latte of lavender, coconut milk, and blue spirulina. This balanced, calming and smooth tea blend is formulated to soothe you into that ready-for-bed state of relaxation. Don’t be scared of the floral — the taste is delicate, creamy and dreamy with just a touch of lavender. One bag makes 20 to 30 servings. Find it for $36 at Traveling Chic Boutique.

Southern FINDS April: Blue Lavender Latte

Blue lavender latte blend, $36, at Traveling Chic Boutique | Image: Traveling Chic Boutique

Rosewater face mist 

Now that the winter weather has finally left us (hopefully), it’s time to repair our skin. This rosewater face mist is perfect for healing cracked, dry skin, and it’s ideal for almost all ages. Not only is this mist hydrating for the skin, but it also smells fantastic. Pick up yours for $12 from k + c bath co.

Rosewater Face Mist from k + c bath co.

Rosewater face mist, $12, from k + c bath co. | Image: k + c bath co.

“Just Breathe” bath balm

As we prepare for a new — and likely busier — season, self-care is at the forefront. There’s nothing more relaxing than a bath complete with a comforting bath balm. Created with vitamins, this balm will soothe your skin and leave you feeling refreshed. Grab yours for $10 at Soca Clothing — and get ready to just breathe.

Southern FINDS April: Bath balm from Soca Clothing

Bath balm, $10, Soca Clothing | Image: Soca Clothing



Our closet isn’t the only place bamboo is sprouting this spring. At 31 inches tall and 20 inches in diameter, this is the perfect chair for hard-to-fill spaces, dining nooks, nurseries and more. Finds this bamboo chair and cushion for $395 at St. Simons Island’s beloved boutique Two Friends.

Bamboo chair from Two Friends

Bamboo chair, $395, at Two Friends | Image: Two Friends

“Naughty” needlepoint

Snarky needlepoints are all the rage, and this one has just the right mix of delicate embroidery and bold sass. Handmade, this piece is 9 inches in diameter, and it’s guaranteed to make everyone smile — whether you gift it to someone or hang it on your own wall. Find it for $36 at Old Made Good.

Needlepoint with flowers and "Be happy, it drives people crazy"

“Naughty” needlepoint, $36, from Old Made Good | Image: Old Made Good

Lemon platter 

When life gives you lemons … you make a tasty appetizer and place it on this cute platter! This pretty piece will add a touch of fun color to your table or food arrangement for your spring and summer meals. Find it for $26 at Southern Muse.

Lemon platter, $26, at Southern Muse | Image: Southern Muse


Miami-based ALEPEL combines art, fashion, form and function with a wildly stunning selection of hand-painted leather items. This vase cover comes with a custom glass vessel. Find yours in two sizes, starting at $138, at ALEPEL. They also offer free monogramming!

Alapel black and white leather vase

Hand-painted vase, $138, at ALEPEL | Image: ALEPEL


This twisted candle adds a touch of intrigue to your space. Burn both wicks of this paraffin wax contraption at the same time for the ultimate party trick. Find this in three spring colors for $40 at Edition.

Twisted Candle from Edition

Candle, $40, at Edition | Image: Edition


Cooler tote

A cooler tote disguised as a beach bag?! We’re sold. This adorable insulated tote is available in two different sayings and will surely be the envy of all your friends this spring and summer. Grab yours for $39.95 at LJ’s Retail Therapy.

Cooler bag, $39.95, from LJ’s Retail Therapy | Image: LJ’s Retail Therapy

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Seed starters

April showers bring May flowers … but first, it helps if you plant them! These Pollinator Push Gardens offer you the chance to plant perennial wildflower seeds while supporting the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds that face extinction. Choose from three different blends — butterfly, hummingbird or bee — and 10% of each sale goes toward Pollinator Partnership, a nonprofit organization devoted to protecting pollinators and their ecosystems. Find them for $7 each at The Getalong.

Southern FINDS April: Pollinator Push Gardens from The Getalong

Pollinator Push Garden, $7 each, from The Getalong | Image: The Getalong

Picnic basket

It’s the perfect time of year to spread out a darling picnic at your favorite park, beach or even on your patio. This sturdy vintage basket holds two bottles of your favorite beverage and has room for your snacks, too. Find this unique piece for $95 at Willow and Pearls.

Wicker PIcnic Basket

Wicker picnic basket, $95, Willow and Pearls | Image: Willow and Pearls

Wishing you a lovely April filled with more picnics than pollen!


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