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The South is home to a vast array of artistic talent, each creative speaking their own language and using their talent to bring beautiful, thought-provoking pieces into the world. Today, get to know three such artists — all of whom are on SB Shop. We bet you will fall in love with their stories — and their artwork — just as quickly as we did. Meet Kristin Llamas, Emily Hunton and Erika Roberts!

3 Southern Artists We Love

Kristin Llamas of K. Llamas Fine Art

We first met Kristin of K. Llamas Fine Art when an SB staffer came across her artwork and was immediately drawn to her art’s captivating energy. Driven by the desire to “illustrate history, culture and philosophy in the most beautiful and peaceful way,” Kristin created her first solo museum exhibition at age 22. Since then, she has toured around the globe and has permanent pieces in museums across the United States and Europe. In 2008, she settled in Nashville with her husband, three daughters, five chickens and a duck.

About seven years later, Kristin began creating her llama art series prints through the idea of representing community on a global level. After all, what is the one thing that everyone has? A name. In these prints, she plays upon her own last name “llamas” and asks, “¿Cómo te llamas?” (What is your name?). Then, she creates a portrait named after someone special. The vision is to illustrate that we are all part of one herd. SB Shop carries Kristin’s llama paper prints and canvases in multiple styles and sizes for $35 to $210. (SB TIP: These are perfect for a baby nursery!) Shop the entire collection here.

Piece Southern female artist Kristin Llamas Fine Art on fireplace mantle

K. Llamas Fine Art, starting at $35, on SB Shop | Image: Caroline Sharpnack

Kristin Llamas Fine Art on gray wall

Could these prints be any more adorable?! Image: Caroline Sharpnack

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Emily Hunton of The Hunted Life

Emily Hunton of The Hunted Life grew up in a creative home. Whether it be through interior design or painting, Emily’s parents instilled the idea of seeing beauty in all things from a young age. About five years ago, Emily attended a local artists’ class with a friend and decided to use painting as a way to celebrate her creative roots and find “me time” in her hectic life with two young boys. The mental peace she found by focusing on her art made her fall in love with the process, and she is driven by bringing that joy to others through her creations.

We fell head-over-heels for Emily’s watercolor figure illustrations, and they quickly became best-selling pieces on SB Shop. Nine different figures are available – all in varying sizes with the option to frame. Emily even takes special requests for color combinations to meet any collector’s taste preferences. Explore the entire collection, starting at $55, here.

The Hunted Life Figure Illustration by Emily Hunton, a Southern female artist

The Hunted Life Figure Illustrations, starting at $55, on SB Shop | Image: Emily Hunton

The Hunted Life Figure Illustrations

Emily’s watercolor illustrations are available in nine different styles, varying sizes and optional framing. Image: Emily Hunton

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Erika Roberts of Erika Roberts Studio

We have raved about Memphis-based Erika Roberts Studio before, and with good reason. Her watercolor fine art prints, ornaments and tea towels, each featuring a different Southern city skyline, are a colorful addition to any space. Recently though, Erika gave us a glimpse into a different side of her artwork, and we can’t get enough.

This Garden Goddess silk scarf (also available as a fine art print) was born out of a poem Erika wrote honoring the gardeners in the world, including those who plant seeds in students’ minds, nurture neglected relationships or grow life skills to help those in need get back on their feet. Whatever you are tending to, Erika believes in celebrating the planting of beautiful, good work in this world, and we stand behind that message. So, SB Shop is featuring her “Garden Goddess” silk scarves and fine art prints, starting at $34, here.

Erika Roberts Studio "Garden Goddess" Silk Scarf, a Southern female artist

Erika Roberts Studio “Garden Goddess” silk scarf, starting at $98, on SB Shop | Image: Erika Roberts

Erika Roberts Studio "Garden Goddess" Fine Art Print

Erika Roberts Studio “Garden Goddess” fine art print, $34, on SB Shop | Image: Erika Roberts

We hope you enjoyed getting to know these Southern artists! To see more of what SB Shop has to offer, click HERE


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